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Jasmine V: The Abuse


Recently we got sent this picture to one of our private accounts of Jasmine Villegas after her abuse. The picture shows Jasmine with a black eye given to her by her ex-boyfriend whom we will be calling “sushi” for now. The picture is very emotional for us, because we are jasminators. It’s just hard to think that such a beautiful person could be drastically abused like this. Some of you have been asking really good questions such as:

1. How did Jasmine hide the abuse so well when she hangs out with her bro & friends like on a daily basis wouldn’t someone have saw the bruises and asked questions?

2. What happened in Jasmine’s life to make her think that “sushi” abusing her was okay or her fault?

3. Was that real footage of Jasmine being abused in her ‘Didn’t Mean It’ music video?

Well we can’t answer those questions. Jasmine obviously wasn’t thinking clearly or as some jasminators joke she must have been drunk & smoking hookah for most of that relationship. We’re just glad Jasmine is out of that relationship. No girl deserves that ever!

We look back at all the pictures and tweets of the happy relationship, and we were all fooled. We saw Jasmine and “sushi” appearing to be in love like some fairytale. We all “oohed” and “ahhhed” at what appeared to be happiness. We watched them hang out with other couples not ever thinking what lay beneath the surface.

Jasmine V. & “sushi” with Diggy & Jessica Jarrell

Truth is “sushi” was just a leech trying to ride his way to fame. He had no real fans before dating Jasmine. He saw a chance to make it out of the land of irrelevance and he took it. This situation won’t bring down Jasmine or harm her career in anyway. On the contrary, it will make people realize just how strong she is and makes her fans love her anymore. The things that Jasmine has been through makes her more real to her fans and others. She had the courage to walk away from a bad situation and we respect that. Keep your head up Jasmine like nothing can bring you down, because it can’t!

Looks like Jasmine got a taste of some bad sushi and she’s telling everyone to look out!

“If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll have to be a horrible warning.” – Catherine Aird


*If you or anyone you know has ever been in an abusive relationship visit http://www.loveisrespect.org/ for help.*


Selena Kissing Nat Wolff


Calm down, it’s just for a movie. We see you guys are ready to kill her for some odd reason, but this is her job. We’re sure her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, won’t mind. The movie they are shooting is called Parental Guidance Suggested and from the looks of it it’s a very fitting title. However, it’s rather hypocritical for fans to be criticizing Sel for this when Justin kisses almost EVERY single girl in his music videos. Get over it people!

See watch as the two walk off set after shooting the steamy scene.

This is one movie we definitely want to see. Personally, we find the new risky roles Selena is taking on a bit refreshing.


Jelena Parties ALL night!



Sorry to break so many girls hearts, but Jelena is still going strong! Justin and Selena still have time for fun in their busy lives. In the process of Selena working on her next album and Justin working on his next world tour, the couple still makes time for each other and their friends. The two stopped by Francia’s party to enjoy themselves. By the way, Sel we love your new haircut!


Didn’t Mean It


Jasmine Villegas & her team have finally decided it’s time to take her music to the next level with her very next single hitting iTunes on the 17th of this month. We’re glad Jasmine is putting this one out there in the music world since we’re used to listening to her youtube hits. The song is an amazing track about a break-up, and is really personal to Jasmine. I know we’ve said this about Jasmine before, but we have to say it again. Jasmine your music is like a R&B/Pop version of Taylor Swift with a touch of can’t be tamed Rihanna flare. We absolutely love it, because it’s so real. We love how you use your own life experiences to teach other girls out there through your music and outreach. Good to know there are REAL artists in the music industry.


Hi Japan!


Yes, it’s true Justin Bieber is enjoying the heated toilets in Japan right now. Well maybe not right now, but you get the idea. Justin & his team have kicked off the tour for Believe. JB even brought his girlfriend, Selena Gomez with him to kick off his tour. Fans will be sure to welcome the longtime couple to their home.

Remember JB, make sure security knows Mariah Yeater is banned from every concert for life! Better yet just bring Sel to all your concerts to discourage all these eager ladies. Have a good tour JB!


Jelena Commercial!


No, don’t get your hopes up about a Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez commercial. However, Jamster is downgrading Jelena’s relationship to promote their relationship text messaging compatibility test.

The commercial is actually old. Their very 1st commercial slammed the past relationship of Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas known famously as Niley. Well now Jamster has moved on to one of the most famous couples on planet earth to sell their product. During the short commercial Jamster says that Jelena isn’t right for each other.

We all know from the past that Justin doesn’t like companies manipulating his life to sell their products. Team Bieber is known for their lawsuits of defamation against these products, as they should to defend Justin. We personally think the commercial is distasteful, and the product is complete crap! Do you think Justin & Selena should sue Jamster?


Diggy Disses J.Cole


Everyone’s going crazy after Diggy released his song What You Say To Me. In the song he disses J.Cole on the four minute track. When we say diss, we do mean diss! Diggy goes in on J.Cole on the song.

Diggy’s song was basically a reply to J.Cole’s song Grew Up Fast. Obviously J.Cole didn’t know you can diss a rapper a million times, but you don’t talk about his sister! We’re sure Diggy could’ve ignored the little diss to his rapping skills, but when J.Cole brought up his big sister Vanessa it was time to eat!

It’s clear that Diggy doesn’t want to work it out either when he says “…stand up, matter fact sit down, don’t try to call homie home for a sit down”.

Also this isn’t the 1st time J.Cole has talked about Vanessa either. He also made her the topic of his song Purple Rain. Sounds like Vanessa turned J.Cole down at one point and he just can’t get over it. That has to be the only reason you would continually diss Rev Run’s daughter in a song and then bring her family into it. We can’t blame Diggy for going in on this song. We’re even thinking about sending J.Cole some ice for that burn. Do you really think you can diss the Simmons family without suffering some type of repercussions?

What do you think of the song?


Rihanna & Ashton found love?


Looks like the rumors of Rihanna & Ashton dating may be a little more than rumors. The couple has reportedly been dating seriously for a couple months. There’s even talk that Rihanna asked Ashton to join her for the summer on her tour in England. Sounds like things just got serious.

We honestly hope Rihanna & Ashton are dating. We think it would be a good change from Rihanna’s past relationships. They compliment each other nicely. Also we think Rihanna could be the type of rush Ashton needs in his life. The two together would be an incredible match. Ashton would definitely be a lot happier, and Ashton may even manage to tame Rihanna a bit. Now we can only wait for the two to publicly announce their relationship. Rihanna & Ashton may have just found love.



Jasmine&Jinsu Call it Quits!


YES!!! Finally Jasmine we are so happy for you! Finally got rid of that no good boyfriend.

We know this is like the one hundredth Jasmine Villegas blog since the year began, but we promise to blog about other things too.

It’s been confirmed that Jasmine and Jinsu are no more! Now we just have to wait to see who Jinsu hooks up with to ride his way to fame.

Jasmine is doing amazing as always. She seems to be in a much better place. Reportedly her and her mom, Bernadette, are even on better terms. Jasmine has even hit ONE MILLION Twitter followers. Not to mention landing a deal as the face of Tokidoki, her app and website are doing incredible. We’re thinking 2012 may just be Jasmine’s year!

The Jasminators have already decided they want Jasmine to date Niall from One Direction. That’s so adorable, but we are hoping that Jasmine stays single for a while. Give her time to focus on herself and her career.

Best of Luck Jasmine!


Another Side of the Story.



After hearing Jream’s new song we were a bit confused. Honestly we’re not sure who’s telling the truth any more. Like Jream said in the song we were team Bernadette (Jream and Jasmine’s mom) when she said that Jinsu was beating Jasmine. I mean that’s their MOM why would she ever lie about such a serious issue? We felt that she was trying to protect Jasmine. We thought that when Bernie was talking about all the horrible things that her kids were doing to her she was telling the truth. But now we’re not so sure anymore? We hate going back on our words or changing teams, but we feel YOU deserve to hear both sides of the story.

Bernie says that Jinsu is beating Jasmine, and that they are all covering for him.

Jream&Jasmine say that Bernie was the one abusing Jasmine. They say she stole money from them and was a horrible mother.

Now lets lay out the facts of the past & present.

#1– Whenever Jasmine & Jream were feuding, Jasmine and her friends took to Twitter. However Jream NEVER responded nor does he ever say anything about the rumors on Twitter. This is the FIRST time he’s ever did this type of thing which really has us wondering if it’s true.

#2– If Jinsu was really abusing Jasmine for TEN MONTHS why had Bernie being Jasmine’s mom not already kicked him out of her house. Why had she continued to let Jasmine see him when she was seventeen if he was abusing her?

#3– Why would Jasmine’s brother, father, and friends defend Jinsu if they knew he was abusing her?

#4–  Why are old friends just now deciding to speak out? Jasmine’s old friend recently claimed that Bernie was telling the truth about Jinsu hitting Jasmine, yet her and Jasmine haven’t been friends for a while. The picture she posted via Twitter looked a few years old so how could she possibly know what’s going on in Jasmine’s life now, or more importantly in the last ten months?

#5– Obviously Jasmine has been physically abused by someone. That’s the only thing that these two very different stories agree on. Atleast we all know that Jasmine is a lot stronger than everyone gives her credit for. We definitely just gained a lot of respect for her!

We’re not by any means saying that Bernie is lying, but the stories just don’t add up. Lately it seems like there’s holes in everyone’s story. We just pray that Jasmine’s no longer being abused by anyone any longer since that’s the only thing the stories seem to agree on. Now you have heard two sides of the story, only thing left to hear is the TRUTH.

If what Jream & Jasmine are saying is true, I think we, TRUTHiSHOUT, and a lot of others owe Jasmine & Jream & Jinsu a big apology. Our last few blogs haven’t exactly given them a chance to tell their side of the story. I guess we just have to wait for what comes next. Hopefully the truth will finally come out.


If you or anyone you know is in a abusive relationship please visit http://loveisrespect.org/ for more information. No one that loves you should ever abuse you. Take a stand!