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Jelena Parties ALL night!



Sorry to break so many girls hearts, but Jelena is still going strong! Justin and Selena still have time for fun in their busy lives. In the process of Selena working on her next album and Justin working on his next world tour, the couple still makes time for each other and their friends. The two stopped by Francia’s party to enjoy themselves. By the way, Sel we love your new haircut!



Selena Cheating on Justin


After pictures of Selena Gomez in a “mystery guy” surfaced from Ashley Tisdale’s beach birthday bash the media went crazy! However any Gomez or Bieber fan knows the mystery guy is Alfredo Flores! One of JB’s best friends, and has been with Justin since the beginning. He’s been touring with JB for forever! We can assure you Selena and Alfredo are JUST FRIENDS! Find something else to talk about now.


At Justin’s Party


Selena and Justin at his 18th birthday party.

Friday, a day after Justin Bieber’s birthday, he had his birthday party. It was evident that everyone wanted to be there when the trending topic “#AtJustinsParty” trended. All his fans tweeted things they wanted to do and made up crazy stories of actually being at Justin’s party. Security must have had Justin’s party on lockdown, because only THREE pictures have surfaced since the party. The three pictures are Justin & Selena, and some guy with Justin and Selena. Fans immediately blew the picture out of proportion saying that Selena and Justin were “drunk”.


It’s funny how you can declare someone drunk without seeing actual alcohol in the picture. Justin and Selena look happy so they must be drunk! Did you ever stop to think that maybe they are just HAPPY! Maybe their young and in love. We hear that happens a lot. If you didn’t notice Justin is a really funny guy maybe he was just…we don’t know…HAVING FUN! He is the birthday boy. Stop jumping to crazy conclusions people. Let’s face the reality none of you will actually know what happened at Justin’s party, because you weren’t there. Justin was living his life, you should try it sometime!