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Selena Kissing Nat Wolff


Calm down, it’s just for a movie. We see you guys are ready to kill her for some odd reason, but this is her job. We’re sure her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, won’t mind. The movie they are shooting is called Parental Guidance Suggested and from the looks of it it’s a very fitting title. However, it’s rather hypocritical for fans to be criticizing Sel for this when Justin kisses almost EVERY single girl in his music videos. Get over it people!

See watch as the two walk off set after shooting the steamy scene.

This is one movie we definitely want to see. Personally, we find the new risky roles Selena is taking on a bit refreshing.



Soulja Boy movie?!?


Almost six months after the Justin Bieber movie, NEVER SAY NEVER, now our very own Soulja Boy is releasing his ¬†own. Soulja Boy’s story is similar to Justin’s in so many ways. They were both kids in not so good neighborhoods that got signed. Only difference is after fame Soulja Boy dealt with a lot more crazy stuff such as: extortion, kidnapping, drugs, and so much more. However you have to wonder is Soulja Boy only coming forward with this movie after seeing Bieber’s success? Is he only making this movie for the money he thinks it’ll bring?

The similarities between the two can’t be denied. Whether he copied Justin or not it truly looks like a good movie. I’m definitely going to be hitting this movie up in theaters.

Question is will you be going to see this movie?