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Selena Kissing Nat Wolff


Calm down, it’s just for a movie. We see you guys are ready to kill her for some odd reason, but this is her job. We’re sure her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, won’t mind. The movie they are shooting is called Parental Guidance Suggested and from the looks of it it’s a very fitting title. However, it’s rather hypocritical for fans to be criticizing Sel for this when Justin kisses almost EVERY single girl in his music videos. Get over it people!

See watch as the two walk off set after shooting the steamy scene.

This is one movie we definitely want to see. Personally, we find the new risky roles Selena is taking on a bit refreshing.



Jelena Parties ALL night!



Sorry to break so many girls hearts, but Jelena is still going strong! Justin and Selena still have time for fun in their busy lives. In the process of Selena working on her next album and Justin working on his next world tour, the couple still makes time for each other and their friends. The two stopped by Francia’s party to enjoy themselves. By the way, Sel we love your new haircut!


Hi Japan!


Yes, it’s true Justin Bieber is enjoying the heated toilets in Japan right now. Well maybe not right now, but you get the idea. Justin & his team have kicked off the tour for Believe. JB even brought his girlfriend, Selena Gomez with him to kick off his tour. Fans will be sure to welcome the longtime couple to their home.

Remember JB, make sure security knows Mariah Yeater is banned from every concert for life! Better yet just bring Sel to all your concerts to discourage all these eager ladies. Have a good tour JB!


Rihanna & Ashton found love?


Looks like the rumors of Rihanna & Ashton dating may be a little more than rumors. The couple has reportedly been dating seriously for a couple months. There’s even talk that Rihanna asked Ashton to join her for the summer on her tour in England. Sounds like things just got serious.

We honestly hope Rihanna & Ashton are dating. We think it would be a good change from Rihanna’s past relationships. They compliment each other nicely. Also we think Rihanna could be the type of rush Ashton needs in his life. The two together would be an incredible match. Ashton would definitely be a lot happier, and Ashton may even manage to tame Rihanna a bit. Now we can only wait for the two to publicly announce their relationship. Rihanna & Ashton may have just found love.



Crew Love Battle


Jasmine V., JDrew, Jinsu, Aaron Fresh

Well, well, well let the battle begin! Jasmine V. and her brother JDrew recently (about 3 days ago) release their cover to Drake’s Crew Love. The song was an immediate hit. Personally, we love it. The family duo rewrote the song to fit their situation. The song obviously dissed Jinsu opening with the verse “Get ya hand out my wallet“. Then going into the ladies’ favorite verse “trying to run game, when i be coaching“. It basically exposed the true Jinsu for everyone to see.

Jinsu didn’t stand on the sidelines though. He and his “new friend”, we use quotes because we think Jinsu is using him, released their own version of Crew Love today. It was clearly done to anger Jasmine and JDrew, but admittedly Aaron sounded good. Jinsu not so much. Again he’s just rapping about things he doesn’t do. Our advice to Aaron is to separate himself from Jinsu before it’s too late. We even tweeted him saying “watch who you let get close to you cause truth is most of just come to benefit themselves”, which he later retweeted clearly having no idea we were talking about Jinsu.

We think Jasmine and JDrew won this battle. Jasmine sounded amazing. JDrew killed his verse. Their lyrics were clearly better. They were talking about things that were real for them, and not the normal stuff artists rap and sing about unlike Jinsu. TRUTHiSHOUT is declaring Jasmine and JDrew the winners, but we still want to hear your opinions. Watch the videos at the bottom, and vote for your favorite.


Demi Still Struggles


Clips from Demi Lovato’s tour “A Special Night with Demi Lovato” is in her new MTV documentary about her struggles before and after rehab. Demi holds nothing back in the documentary. We all know by now that Demi Lovato entered rehab for self-harm and emotional reasons. For so long she had been fighting for her sanity while doing movies, music, and tours until finally her World crashed. Her parents gave her a much needed intervention, and helped the pop star enter rehab.

Now Demi is opening up about her issues for everyone. She really lays it all out there for the World to see in her documentary Demi Lovato: Stay Strong. Even admitting to still struggling with these issues after rehab saying “I cannot tell you that I haven’t thrown up since treatment. I cannot tell you that I have not cut myself since treatment.” We are happy that Demi is sharing this part of her life that most people would keep private. She is definitely a beacon to others going through the same situation. Make sure you catch a rerun of the documentary, because it is definitely a MUST SEE!

Thanks for sharing this with us Demi. We support and LOVE you! Every day you help others STAY STRONG as well as us.

At Justin’s Party


Selena and Justin at his 18th birthday party.

Friday, a day after Justin Bieber’s birthday, he had his birthday party. It was evident that everyone wanted to be there when the trending topic “#AtJustinsParty” trended. All his fans tweeted things they wanted to do and made up crazy stories of actually being at Justin’s party. Security must have had Justin’s party on lockdown, because only THREE pictures have surfaced since the party. The three pictures are Justin & Selena, and some guy with Justin and Selena. Fans immediately blew the picture out of proportion saying that Selena and Justin were “drunk”.


It’s funny how you can declare someone drunk without seeing actual alcohol in the picture. Justin and Selena look happy so they must be drunk! Did you ever stop to think that maybe they are just HAPPY! Maybe their young and in love. We hear that happens a lot. If you didn’t notice Justin is a really funny guy maybe he was just…we don’t know…HAVING FUN! He is the birthday boy. Stop jumping to crazy conclusions people. Let’s face the reality none of you will actually know what happened at Justin’s party, because you weren’t there. Justin was living his life, you should try it sometime!




That’s right lady’s Justin Bieber is officially legal! Our teen heartthrob is finally 18 and he’s wasting no time in celebrating his birthday. He started off his day attempting to set a new Guinness World Record by getting the most social media messages in twenty-four hours. Well if you know Justin’s fans, beliebers, then you know we achieved this record with time to spare.

Justin celebrated his birthday on The Ellen Degeneres Show. After talking for a while, Justin helped Ellen surprise a fan. The fan had been taken to Ellen’s studios in a box with no clue as to what she was in for, and let’s just say she wasn’t disappointed. Justin also revealed a huge surprise to his fans. He revealed that his much anticipated single for Believe would be dropping March the 26th and it’s called Boyfriend. The song is basically him rapping & singing to a girl about what he would do if he was her boyfriend. Obviously we can’t wait for the single to drop!

Also I’m sure you’ve heard about Mrs.Bieber and were stumped as to who it was. Well it’s not Selena Gomez! Mrs. Bieber is a five year old cancer girl that Justin fake married when spending the day with her in New York. That’s our boy, always giving back.

That wasn’t the end to his crazy day. Scooter, Justin’s manager, along with Usher surprised JB with a brand new black Frisko Karma car. If you didn’t know his car is worth $100,000 and is fully electric! *Close your mouth!*

We’re sure Justin’s best friends, Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers, will help him break in his new ride. The two are currently in town to help JB celebrate his birthday the right way.

We’re sure this isn’t the end to Justin spectacular birthday, but this is where we leave you.

Dear Justin,

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY baby! We have been beliebers since before One Time came out. Which is over THREE years ago, and we will continue to support you through absolutely everything. We LOVE you, and have an amazing day! 




Jasmine’s NEW boy!


Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!

Our girl Jasmine V. may have a new boyfriend! His name is Austin McBroom, and he’s a college boy. He attends the University of Michigan where he is a point guard. However he’s currently scoring points with Jasmine.

He’s super cute and we can’t wait to see if this thing is for real! Jasmine is so happy right now. Austin is focused on his career and God just like Jasmine, but he definitely knows how to treat her right. He gets along with her friends and family, and is really CUTE!

See Jasmine, we TOLD you, you could do better than that no good JinWHO!

Like we legit get butterflies when we read his tweets that are clearly about Jasmine!

Loving this dude! I think we may be crushing more than Jasmine! Even Jasmine’s mom, Bernadette, approves! That’s a good sign.

Sounds like those tweets where directed at someone.

Austin has officially been approved by the Jasminators! Just remember Austin, you are entering a crazy fan base. If you hurt Jasmine, we will hurt you! You have been warned. Other than that you just gained some fans for CMU!


Call Me Maybe ;)


It’s no secret that Justin & Selena love the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. They have been tweeting the song like crazy and sending all their fans to the Youtube video. However, when Sel, JB and some friends made a youtube video of the song it’s so adorable. The video already has over a million views even though it was posted less than two days ago. It will definitely surpass the original music  video, but Carly can be thankful that her song is now climbing the charts.

The video features: Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Alfredo Flores, Ashley Tisdale, Ashley Cook, Big Time Rush, Moises Arias and many more. Make sure you check it out!