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Selena Kissing Nat Wolff


Calm down, it’s just for a movie. We see you guys are ready to kill her for some odd reason, but this is her job. We’re sure her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, won’t mind. The movie they are shooting is called Parental Guidance Suggested and from the looks of it it’s a very fitting title. However, it’s rather hypocritical for fans to be criticizing Sel for this when Justin kisses almost EVERY single girl in his music videos. Get over it people!

See watch as the two walk off set after shooting the steamy scene.

This is one movie we definitely want to see. Personally, we find the new risky roles Selena is taking on a bit refreshing.



Drake Bell Hates Justin Bieber?



No, no, that’s completely wrong. Drake Bell doesn’t hate Justin Bieber. Drake Bell just hates Justin’s fans. BIG DIFFERENCE…or maybe not. Not only did the old Nickelodeon actor diss beliebers he also dissed the music. Then he goes on to post a photoshopped photo of Justin wearing make-up. But it’s okay because he doesn’t have anything against Justin, right? Wrong.

First of all Drake, we understand that some beliebers can be rude and horrible. However, you can’t judge all beliebers on a few people’s behaviors. Just the way you can’t dislike a certain race, because a small portion of them present a bad representation to you.

Secondly, the photoshopped picture wasn’t a dig at beliebers it was a dig at Justin. Your starting to look a little thirsty!

Thirdly, Drake you say your a champion of anti-bullying yet you posted an offensive picture of someone who did nothing to you. HYPOCRITE. We’re not even going to get started on the Beyoncé situation.

No worries though, Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson came to Justin’s defense. Completely roasting the actor. Saying “If u wanna compare the amount of fans or amount of TALENT even between u & Justin you know u would lose right? Know ur place.” She goes on saying “Just like he stated his opinion, I stated mine… although posting a hate picture isn’t really an opinion, but oh well.” (Due to us being beliebers, we will NOT post the offensive picture Drake posted to his Twitter. Though we are sure Drake is so thirsty for attention it should still be there.)


This may have been worse than the Charlie Sheen roast. I guess Drake Bell can join our list of irrelevant people with that.

Reportedly Drake Bell was UNfollowed by Justin Bieber, Paris Jackson, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Ashley Tisdale. Sorry Drake, we know your trying to gain a career again, but dissing Justin won’t help you. Try booking some actual work, before you downgrade someone else’s hardwork.


Selena’s New Tattoo!


Our favorite Disney girl has just received her 1st tattoo! How exciting! We all know Selena Gomez likes to play around with temporary Henna tattoos, but she finally worked up the nerve for something permanent. Our Disney darling had a tiny heart inked on her right wrist at Hollywood’s Under The Gun tattoo parlor. Her tattoo artist said Sel “took it like a champ”.

Selena looks so Princess Gangsta right now, throwing up the deuces!

Do you like Selena’s new tattoo?


say what?


Recently while surfing the internet we’ve been hearing some pretty interesting rumors. We even stumbled upon a link that was supposedly evidence of Justin&Selena breaking up. The link was of a Fitzy & Wippa Podcast. Fitzy & Wippa is an Australian radio station. A podcast of their’s led some of you to believe Justin&Selena were over, because of a record phone call they played on air. In the phone call they asked Justin if he and Selena were over. Before they played the call they said “and it’s not an interview that he did with Ryan Seacrest.” (hint hint it’s an interview he did with Ryan Seacrest)

Interviewer:”Have you broken up with Selena Gomez?” Justin:”Yes” Interviewer:”And what’ll we tell all these people who say this is just a beat up and you’re actually still with her?” Justin:”Umm just tell’em uhh that she’s like one of my best friends.” You can listen to the rest of the podcast below. Just fast forward to 33:15 to get to Justin.


Long story short, Fitzy & Wippa edited a phone call Justin had on air with Ryan Seacrest. In the actual interview Ryan asked Justin what he should say when people asked about Justin & Selena’s relationship. Justin replied with “Umm just tell’em uhh that she’s like one of my best friends.”

That’s pretty much the end of that. Remember everything is not what it seems. Sometimes your very own ears can deceive you.


SUCCESS in 3…2…1


We have decided to tell you are favorite young, up & coming musicians to watch. These are our absolute favorites! You will definitely be seeing them this year and next year.

1) Jessica Jarrell– Our very 1st artist is the beautiful Jessica , or JJ, or Cinjarrella as some fans call her. I’m sure some of you recall her on Justin’s My World tour or maybe from their duet Overboard. It was the talk of Bieberville at one time. After leaving the tour Jessica has been hard at work on her own music. If you’ve heard any of Jessica’s work you know why she is our #1 favorite. She even performed some of the songs from her new album. Our favorite so far is PRICELESS! It’s her song she did with Neyo.(It’s freakin’ gorgeous and screams girl power!) We are super excited to hear her new album! Not only is she our favorite, because of her beautiful voice. Jessica has the best personality that a rising star can have. She’s funny, and not to mention a body like Beyoncé. Mix all this together, and you get a superstar.

2)Avery- Born as Anna Marie Iannitelli but goes by Avery is another favorite of ours. She currently sings our anthem GO SCREW YOURSELF! She is very talented. We loved her when we heard her videos. We thought “WOW!!!” she has an incredible voice. Lots of people have good voices, but something in her voice separated her from that crowd. She had something so pure in her voice. Later we absolutely fell in LOVE with Avery when she released Go Screw Yourself! It was just one of those songs that made you want to tell everyone that had ever wronged you off. Made you want to dance and flip everybody off. Her music was just so relatable. She defiitely has the angry teenager thing down, but like any girl she also has a sweet side. Avery has performed for homeless shelters, crisis centers, and many other incredible causes. We can’t wait to see what great things Avery has in store. Avery will release her debut album at the end of the year, and GSY better be on there!

3)Ariana Grande– You may know her as Cat from the show Victorious. Nickelodeon doesn’t add your normal blond bimbo for this role. Instead they add a quirky red air head. Sorry to inform you the red hair comes out of a bottle people. From the very start people loved Ariana’s fun role, and her gorgeous looks. She quickly became a fan favorite maybe even more than the star Victoria. Ariana brought a lot more than her looks to the table. This little red head brought a big beautiful voice with her also. She blew our minds with her voice. Glad to hear she’s been in the studio a lot, and is really pursuing a career in music. Her fans definitely keep her “relevant” with the many trending topics on Twitter and in so many other ways! Just the other day when Ariana was offline working on music her fans got “CrazyForAriana” trending worldwide. She found out through a text from one of her producers and tweeted back. No official singles, but she has MILLIONS of views on her many youtube covers. #GreatExpectations

4)Jasmine Villegas– Jasmine like Jessica also went on tour with Justin, and even had a short romance with him. No denying Jasmine’s talent. You don’t come across a lot of voices like hers. With Jasmine’s voice range some songs may just not sound right to us. However when a song does fit her she goes in on it. Like her song Werk has to be one of my favorites. The music video took us back to Destiny’s Child’s Lose Your Breath. However we couldn’t really tell if Jasmine V. or KittyV.(Jasmine’s alter ego) was the baddest girl. She definitely didn’t disappoint with her newest song Just A Friend. She had Twitter in a frenzy all day. Her song was trending like legit over 24 hours. This may have been because of the implications that the song was about Justin Bieber, but no one can deny Jasmine hit a winner with this one. We can guarantee that you will be hearing more from Jasmine. You will for sure hear about her new lipgloss.

5)Zendaya Coleman-Finally, I’m sure you all know Zendaya as Rocky from Shake It Up. When we 1st saw Zendaya we thought “oh she’s cute”. Her and Bella Thorne were getting Disney some amazing ratings, and were turning into the “IT” girls of Disney Channel. For a while though people started focusing on Bella Thorne. Lots of people have been saying Bella is the star. Don’t get us wrong Bella is amazing, but don’t count Zendaya out so fast. With the release of Zendaya’s song Swag It Out she made it clear she would not be Bella’s sidekick. In this single she definitely shows some major flare saying “I’m gonna I’m gonna g-g-g-gonna swag it out…don’t watch me watch the teee-vee I’m swaggin’ when you seeee me…I’m a rider I ride like a harley” and goes on to surprise us with her love of Nicki Minaj saying “swag it out my way Nicki Minaj having Pink Fridays shalalala lots of paper na-na-na-na don’t trip off haters.” She even has a music video in store for the song! You will definitely see more from this Disney starlet!

That finishes off our favorites to watch this year! Whose your favorite?


Jelena split?!?


In the last 24 hours another rumor has surfaced in the belieber/selenator world. Supposedly Justin & Selena are over after Justin texted his ex-girlfriend Jasmine Villegas. If you haven’t figured out yet this is complete bologna! It’s just another stupid rumor made up by drama-seekers. I mean c’mon people Justin Bieber apparently dies EVERY week! No way is Jelena over…yet anyways. If they were over Justin’s team would not take the time to keep supporting Selena on tour. We all should know by now this isn’t just some two week relationship. It’s not a publicity stunt. It’s definitely real, and some people just can’t handle that. Even Jasmine was outraged at this crazy rumor. Jasmine tweeted saying “Don’t involve me in the drama…I don’t even know what’s going on..I won’t ever be a home wrecker.. Bye”.

Jasmine V clears it up!

I think that’s enough proof for you, but if you insist I will go on. Just a few nights ago Justin was at Selena’s first concert for her tour We Own The Night. He stood on the sidelines and watched his girl shine like a true gentlemen. This relationship is definitely NOT over! Whether Justin and Jasmine are buddy-buddy now or not Selena has nothing to worry about. Both these teens are happy in their relationship.(Yes Jasmine is dating Jinsu) Though rumor say that Justin and Jasmine are texting I highly DOUBT it! She is dating the guy who has constantly dissed JB&Selena. Not to mention Jasmine has made it clear that Jinsu is not going anywhere! This is just another crazy rumor that got out of hand!


We Own The Night


Yesterday, July the 28th, Selena kicked off her tour We Own The Night. After preparing endlessly for this tour the day had finally come. The concert was apparently a huge success from all the comments we heard online. However we got news that Selena may have had a small clothing malfunction at her first concert. Allegedly some fans saw Selena’s thong out during one of her performances. This caused much distress among crazed beliebers, but who really cares. Tons of girls wear thongs to get rid of panty lines or because they’re more comfortable. Like cry me a river! Selena looked fabulous on stage, and if that’s your only complaint you should get a life. If you plan on seeing this tour you will not regret it. She even rocked out in some purple! Now I’m sure your all wondering if Justin was there. Well of course he came to support his girlfriend. He was even sporting Selena’s tour shirt for this special night! Justin’s presence surprisingly did not steal the show. This was Selena’s night!

Justin leaving Selena's concert




If you’ve been on twitter at all today or in the past couple of weeks you’ve probably heard the words “show your heart.” Let me start from the beginning. At the beginning of July a Houston, Texas family were on their way home from a trip, and a car crossed into their lane crashing head on with the family. This family was the Berry family. The parents Joshua and Robin Berry were killed in this accident. The three children who were seated in the back also sustained injuries in this car crash. The two boys Peter(age 9) and Aaron(age 8) were both paralyzed below the waist. They are now receiving treatment at a Texas hospital. Upon learning this story Scooter Braun and Carin Morris immediately jumped into action. They launched the ShowYourHearts Organization as a way for people to learn about this tragic story, and allow everyone to help them. Today, July 27th of 2011, you can SHOW YOUR HEART and make a donation. Just go to www.showyourhearts.org to learn more and to make your donation.

It was no surprise that Justin is supporting this great cause and changing his icon seeing as Scooter is his manager. However it was a happy surprise to see that Britney Spears&Katy Perry had joined the cause and were showing their hearts! Even Lady Gaga, Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, Chad Ochocinco, Mike Tyson and many more are joining this amazing movement.

Follow in their footsteps and go SHOW YOUR HEART! www.showyourhearts.org


P.S. Scooter thanks for allowing us all to help in this amazing organization. Can’t believe you made time to do something so amazing with your busy scheldule. Great to see people making a change!

Soulja Boy movie?!?


Almost six months after the Justin Bieber movie, NEVER SAY NEVER, now our very own Soulja Boy is releasing his  own. Soulja Boy’s story is similar to Justin’s in so many ways. They were both kids in not so good neighborhoods that got signed. Only difference is after fame Soulja Boy dealt with a lot more crazy stuff such as: extortion, kidnapping, drugs, and so much more. However you have to wonder is Soulja Boy only coming forward with this movie after seeing Bieber’s success? Is he only making this movie for the money he thinks it’ll bring?

The similarities between the two can’t be denied. Whether he copied Justin or not it truly looks like a good movie. I’m definitely going to be hitting this movie up in theaters.

Question is will you be going to see this movie?


Selena’s SECRET birthday(:


In a recent interview to E!Online Selena says her birthday will probably be dinner with her family. “Pretty boring” in her words. When asked about boyfriend, Justin Bieber, she says “I actually think he’ll be in Atlanta. But that’s Ok. We all gotta work.” Come on Selena that’s no way to spend your 19th birthday. We all know Justin’s an amazing boyfriend to Selena. We know he’s going to come through like the knight and shining armor we know him to be. One belieber, @girlleader1, even tweeted Scooter saying “SOO….wana tell us why the freak did you have justin planned to go to atlanta on SELENA’s BIRTHDAY?!?! -________-“. Scooter saw and DMed the selenator back a reply. Scooter replied with “lol. that isnt true. i dont think she said that and if she did it was to throw paps off”.


Well we hope you have an amazing birthday Selena, but now that the cats out of the bag there will definitely be NO privacy. But then again with all the paps searching for this happy couple maybe they better celebrate Sel’s birthday on another day together. Next time let Scooter in on the scheme so he can atleast back you up! haha(:

Don’t be surprised when pictures of the happy couple surface on Selena’s birthday!