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The Believe Ticket Project


We were planning an incredible post as our 100th post on our blog, but this is really important to us. Right now we are PROUD beliebers. The belieber fanbase always gets so much hate, because they say were obsessed, horrible, rude, and more. Not gonna lie a few beliebers are all those things, but that’s true for any fanbase. The thing that separates beliebers is that we care not only about Justin Bieber, but also each other. Beliebers always want to help each other out. Well some really amazing beliebers started The Believe Ticket Project. The purpose of this is to help another deserving belieber meet Justin. You do this by donating to a PayPal account with which the money will be used to buy two tickets for beliebers and so on depending on how much is donated. The creators will choose the most deserving beliebers to receive the tickets. It is these types of things that make Justin bigger than any artist out there. The fans that go hard for him and each other. Beliebers are family. Family helps family. We know Justin and his team must see all the hard work these beliebers have put into this, and we know they must be proud.

If you would like to be entered to win one of the tickets you must submit your story on their tumblr: http://belieberswish.tumblr.com/

If you would like to donate and help make a deserving belieber dream come true visit their tumblrs.



Drake Bell Hates Justin Bieber?



No, no, that’s completely wrong. Drake Bell doesn’t hate Justin Bieber. Drake Bell just hates Justin’s fans. BIG DIFFERENCE…or maybe not. Not only did the old Nickelodeon actor diss beliebers he also dissed the music. Then he goes on to post a photoshopped photo of Justin wearing make-up. But it’s okay because he doesn’t have anything against Justin, right? Wrong.

First of all Drake, we understand that some beliebers can be rude and horrible. However, you can’t judge all beliebers on a few people’s behaviors. Just the way you can’t dislike a certain race, because a small portion of them present a bad representation to you.

Secondly, the photoshopped picture wasn’t a dig at beliebers it was a dig at Justin. Your starting to look a little thirsty!

Thirdly, Drake you say your a champion of anti-bullying yet you posted an offensive picture of someone who did nothing to you. HYPOCRITE. We’re not even going to get started on the Beyoncé situation.

No worries though, Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson came to Justin’s defense. Completely roasting the actor. Saying “If u wanna compare the amount of fans or amount of TALENT even between u & Justin you know u would lose right? Know ur place.” She goes on saying “Just like he stated his opinion, I stated mine… although posting a hate picture isn’t really an opinion, but oh well.” (Due to us being beliebers, we will NOT post the offensive picture Drake posted to his Twitter. Though we are sure Drake is so thirsty for attention it should still be there.)


This may have been worse than the Charlie Sheen roast. I guess Drake Bell can join our list of irrelevant people with that.

Reportedly Drake Bell was UNfollowed by Justin Bieber, Paris Jackson, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Ashley Tisdale. Sorry Drake, we know your trying to gain a career again, but dissing Justin won’t help you. Try booking some actual work, before you downgrade someone else’s hardwork.




That’s right lady’s Justin Bieber is officially legal! Our teen heartthrob is finally 18 and he’s wasting no time in celebrating his birthday. He started off his day attempting to set a new Guinness World Record by getting the most social media messages in twenty-four hours. Well if you know Justin’s fans, beliebers, then you know we achieved this record with time to spare.

Justin celebrated his birthday on The Ellen Degeneres Show. After talking for a while, Justin helped Ellen surprise a fan. The fan had been taken to Ellen’s studios in a box with no clue as to what she was in for, and let’s just say she wasn’t disappointed. Justin also revealed a huge surprise to his fans. He revealed that his much anticipated single for Believe would be dropping March the 26th and it’s called Boyfriend. The song is basically him rapping & singing to a girl about what he would do if he was her boyfriend. Obviously we can’t wait for the single to drop!

Also I’m sure you’ve heard about Mrs.Bieber and were stumped as to who it was. Well it’s not Selena Gomez! Mrs. Bieber is a five year old cancer girl that Justin fake married when spending the day with her in New York. That’s our boy, always giving back.

That wasn’t the end to his crazy day. Scooter, Justin’s manager, along with Usher surprised JB with a brand new black Frisko Karma car. If you didn’t know his car is worth $100,000 and is fully electric! *Close your mouth!*

We’re sure Justin’s best friends, Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers, will help him break in his new ride. The two are currently in town to help JB celebrate his birthday the right way.

We’re sure this isn’t the end to Justin spectacular birthday, but this is where we leave you.

Dear Justin,

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY baby! We have been beliebers since before One Time came out. Which is over THREE years ago, and we will continue to support you through absolutely everything. We LOVE you, and have an amazing day! 




Demi vs. Disney


The claws are out and nothing was off limits! Demi Lovato has lounged attack against her former employer, Disney Channel.

After catching an OLD episode of Shake It Up Demi angrily tweeted her disgust of a joke from the show. In the episode an actress playing a  supermodel said “I could just eat you up, well if I ate” to Rocky(Zendaya) & Cece(Bella Thorne). She goes on to bash the company with the help of some loyal fans.

We’re happy that Demi is taking a stand, but it seems kind of late since these episode are so old. We love Demi for standing up for her beliefs, BUT…

Demi you went about this in the wrong way sweetheart!

Don’t worry we can help you. We will tell you what you did wrong with the help of some tweets we found.

First, Don’t ever slap the hand that feeds you! Disney gave you a chance with the help of your BFF, Selena Gomez. Without that pedestal you wouldn’t have achieved the success you’ve enjoyed.

Second, why would you take such a delicate issue to Twitter. Why not talk to Disney personally and discuss your concerns?

Third, think before you speak. Obviously you know that Disney is NOT trying to make fun of such a serious situation. They would never do that and give kids the wrong impression. The jokes were meant to be funny, though admittedly they came across wrong. Your totally right when you said “EATING DISORDERS ARE NOT SOMETHING TO JOKE ABOUT”, but you need to know that’s a conversation you have with Disney NOT Twitter!

Fourth, you have lots of friends at Disney. Think how that makes them feel when you call out a company that they are apart of right now or in the past. Your burning bonds which we all know is dangerous!

Even the newer Disney starlets had enough sense to stay away from your rant. When someone tweeted Zendaya, who is a member of the Shake It Up cast, saying “Demi going ham on Disney, On shake it up you guys said something about eating”. Zendaya replied like a pro “#keepitpositive im a big fan of@ddlovato :)”.

Demi is just digging a hole that she won’t make it out of in our opinions. The fans have even split. Some are taking offense, believing that Demi is bashing skinny girls. They are whipping back things like “There’s nothing wrong with being skinny. Not everyone who is skinny has a eating disorder, maybe they just can’t help it.(@JBiebss4everr )”.

Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret. -Dr. Laurence J. Peter



*UPDATE* Disney Channel has apologized to Demi Lovato via Twitter. They are currently in the process of evaluating & removing any content that they felt was offensive. See Demi they NEVER intended any offense, but you could’ve gotten the same reaction by just talking to Disney before this Twitter rant!



This just end…reportedly Selena Gomez has a STALKER! Yes you heard us right, this teen pop sensation now has a serious death threatening stalker! Looks like JB’s gonna need to beef up the security on his Disney princess.

No, this isn’t some fluke. Her stalker’s name is Thomas Brodnicki, and he has a long history of stalking. He allegedly told his shrink that he was going to kill Selena after having conversations with God about the matter. Thomas has already made some failed attempts at meeting Sel. Even LAPD detectives are warranting this threat serious and taking the necessary precautions.

Selena’s fans had their own thoughts on the hacker:

“I think Selena’s stalker is plain out pyschotic. Selena’s only 19, and still has a whole lot to accomplish in life on top of her achievements she has already. I’m totally worried about Selena, and if I were her, I’d be dead scared. If anything happened to her, if he harmed her, I’d be more than ever angry. That guy must sit alone and have no life if he finds entertainment in taking somebody’s life. It’s messed up. Selena Gomez is a true beautiful role model, who deserves nothing but protection, love, and care.”

This is completely true. Some people are making light of this situation, but it’s nothing to take light. This is a serious threat on Sel’s life. Our prayers are with you Sel, STAY SAFE!


Thanks @SimplySFans & @SelenaStayer for helping us with this blog! These Twitter’s are some real Selenators & took part in the Selena TT when all her fans found out about the stalker.