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The Believe Ticket Project


We were planning an incredible post as our 100th post on our blog, but this is really important to us. Right now we are PROUD beliebers. The belieber fanbase always gets so much hate, because they say were obsessed, horrible, rude, and more. Not gonna lie a few beliebers are all those things, but that’s true for any fanbase. The thing that separates beliebers is that we care not only about Justin Bieber, but also each other. Beliebers always want to help each other out. Well some really amazing beliebers started The Believe Ticket Project. The purpose of this is to help another deserving belieber meet Justin. You do this by donating to a PayPal account with which the money will be used to buy two tickets for beliebers and so on depending on how much is donated. The creators will choose the most deserving beliebers to receive the tickets. It is these types of things that make Justin bigger than any artist out there. The fans that go hard for him and each other. Beliebers are family. Family helps family. We know Justin and his team must see all the hard work these beliebers have put into this, and we know they must be proud.

If you would like to be entered to win one of the tickets you must submit your story on their tumblr: http://belieberswish.tumblr.com/

If you would like to donate and help make a deserving belieber dream come true visit their tumblrs.



Blackmailers EXPOSED!


That’s right we decided it’s finally time to EXPOSE the Jasmine V. blackmailers. Are you ready?



One of the blackmailers is Malcolm.

Most of you probably have no idea who Malcolm is, but he’s been at the source of some Jasminator drama lately. Right now Malcolm is just acting behind an anonymous Twitter account. How pathetic right?

As of right now we’re only revealing one blackmailer, but trust us when we say he isn’t the only one. Malcolm has some accomplices too.

Malcolm and his friends have been trying to get Jasmine to pay $5000 saying they will kill or rape her. Also threatening to get her stalker, Steven Cintron, to take care of her and her brother. They have mainly been harassing Jasmine’s mom, Bernadette, on Twitter to pay them the money.

First your a sick person! Second Jasmine has a three year restraining order against Steven Cintron. He won’t be able to come within 100 yards of the talented singer until 2014 without being placed under arrest. All the Steven Cintron Twitter accounts you see around are probably fake seeing as the judge ordered that Cintron couldn’t post anything about Jasmine online.

If you haven’t gotten what we’re trying to tell you yet, we are saying that Malcolm and his dumb friends are just trying to scare Jasmine into paying them. They keep threatening to bring in Steven Cintron when it’s highly questionable that they even know Steven Cintron.

This calls for another Jasmine V. surprise face :

Also we hear that Malcolm may have some information on Jasmine. We don’t know how true this may be, but allegedly Malcolm and his buddies hacked Jasmine. They supposedly have some private pictures and other information on Jasmine. Doubt it! Seeing as everything they have been saying is lies, why should we start believing them now?

Message to the other blackmailers: Just because we didn’t reveal you in this blog doesn’t mean that we won’t in the future. We know exactly who you are now! We know you may be attempting to be friends with us, but trust we aren’t helping you one bit. We also know that you’ve been trying to hack our blogs and other accounts. Keep trying guys, your so entertaining!

Sincerely, You didn’t hack us! Joke’s on you.


Pattie Mallette’s memoir


Yes, you heard us right Pattie Mallette, known to many as Justin Bieber’s mom, is releasing a much awaited book. I guess the whole family just has a talent for writing. We have been hearing that Pattie was releasing a book for weeks now, but we didn’t want to blog about something that was possibly false. However, Pattie has officially confirmed her memoir No Where But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom with a foreword written by her loving son.

When hearing of the memoir we were kind of scared that it was going to be all religious and raising Justin Bieber, but that’s not the case. The memoir details Pattie’s struggles as a teen who suffered abuses of all kinds. She wrote the book as a way to tell her story, and help other girls who may be suffering the same fate. In other words, Pattie is being real. She’s giving you her real story, and not holding anything back. Personally we can’t wait to get Pattie’s memoir. When the book is released September 18th, 2012 Pattie Mallette will be doing a book tour. She will be making appearances and speaking publicly about her first memoir. We can’t wait for the book to be released!


Jasmine’s NEW boy!


Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!

Our girl Jasmine V. may have a new boyfriend! His name is Austin McBroom, and he’s a college boy. He attends the University of Michigan where he is a point guard. However he’s currently scoring points with Jasmine.

He’s super cute and we can’t wait to see if this thing is for real! Jasmine is so happy right now. Austin is focused on his career and God just like Jasmine, but he definitely knows how to treat her right. He gets along with her friends and family, and is really CUTE!

See Jasmine, we TOLD you, you could do better than that no good JinWHO!

Like we legit get butterflies when we read his tweets that are clearly about Jasmine!

Loving this dude! I think we may be crushing more than Jasmine! Even Jasmine’s mom, Bernadette, approves! That’s a good sign.

Sounds like those tweets where directed at someone.

Austin has officially been approved by the Jasminators! Just remember Austin, you are entering a crazy fan base. If you hurt Jasmine, we will hurt you! You have been warned. Other than that you just gained some fans for CMU!


Jasmine&Jinsu Call it Quits!


YES!!! Finally Jasmine we are so happy for you! Finally got rid of that no good boyfriend.

We know this is like the one hundredth Jasmine Villegas blog since the year began, but we promise to blog about other things too.

It’s been confirmed that Jasmine and Jinsu are no more! Now we just have to wait to see who Jinsu hooks up with to ride his way to fame.

Jasmine is doing amazing as always. She seems to be in a much better place. Reportedly her and her mom, Bernadette, are even on better terms. Jasmine has even hit ONE MILLION Twitter followers. Not to mention landing a deal as the face of Tokidoki, her app and website are doing incredible. We’re thinking 2012 may just be Jasmine’s year!

The Jasminators have already decided they want Jasmine to date Niall from One Direction. That’s so adorable, but we are hoping that Jasmine stays single for a while. Give her time to focus on herself and her career.

Best of Luck Jasmine!


Another Side of the Story.



After hearing Jream’s new song we were a bit confused. Honestly we’re not sure who’s telling the truth any more. Like Jream said in the song we were team Bernadette (Jream and Jasmine’s mom) when she said that Jinsu was beating Jasmine. I mean that’s their MOM why would she ever lie about such a serious issue? We felt that she was trying to protect Jasmine. We thought that when Bernie was talking about all the horrible things that her kids were doing to her she was telling the truth. But now we’re not so sure anymore? We hate going back on our words or changing teams, but we feel YOU deserve to hear both sides of the story.

Bernie says that Jinsu is beating Jasmine, and that they are all covering for him.

Jream&Jasmine say that Bernie was the one abusing Jasmine. They say she stole money from them and was a horrible mother.

Now lets lay out the facts of the past & present.

#1– Whenever Jasmine & Jream were feuding, Jasmine and her friends took to Twitter. However Jream NEVER responded nor does he ever say anything about the rumors on Twitter. This is the FIRST time he’s ever did this type of thing which really has us wondering if it’s true.

#2– If Jinsu was really abusing Jasmine for TEN MONTHS why had Bernie being Jasmine’s mom not already kicked him out of her house. Why had she continued to let Jasmine see him when she was seventeen if he was abusing her?

#3– Why would Jasmine’s brother, father, and friends defend Jinsu if they knew he was abusing her?

#4–  Why are old friends just now deciding to speak out? Jasmine’s old friend recently claimed that Bernie was telling the truth about Jinsu hitting Jasmine, yet her and Jasmine haven’t been friends for a while. The picture she posted via Twitter looked a few years old so how could she possibly know what’s going on in Jasmine’s life now, or more importantly in the last ten months?

#5– Obviously Jasmine has been physically abused by someone. That’s the only thing that these two very different stories agree on. Atleast we all know that Jasmine is a lot stronger than everyone gives her credit for. We definitely just gained a lot of respect for her!

We’re not by any means saying that Bernie is lying, but the stories just don’t add up. Lately it seems like there’s holes in everyone’s story. We just pray that Jasmine’s no longer being abused by anyone any longer since that’s the only thing the stories seem to agree on. Now you have heard two sides of the story, only thing left to hear is the TRUTH.

If what Jream & Jasmine are saying is true, I think we, TRUTHiSHOUT, and a lot of others owe Jasmine & Jream & Jinsu a big apology. Our last few blogs haven’t exactly given them a chance to tell their side of the story. I guess we just have to wait for what comes next. Hopefully the truth will finally come out.


If you or anyone you know is in a abusive relationship please visit http://loveisrespect.org/ for more information. No one that loves you should ever abuse you. Take a stand!