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Oh you fancy…huh?


“Oh you fancy huh…nails done, hair done, everything did” – T.I.

We know we have been gone for a quite a while, but we’ve been busy. Sorry ladies & gentlemen, but to make it up we’re posting this special about prom.

So of course it’s prom season again! Last year, we were some of those girls that went all out for prom. Spending hundreds of mula on attire. Yes, we went the whole nine yards for a prom dress, shoes, nails, make-up, and jewelry. We even had our after prom look when we hit up all the parties. We realize that we spent a ridiculous amount, some of us using our parents money. Well this year we are spending the least amount as possible. To help us in our mission to find the perfect prom dress we took to ebay. Here are some of the dresses we are looking into this prom season. We even post the links underneath the pictures so you guys can find them.

1) Our first is a pink, sweetheart chiffon number listed on ebay for $50. This model WERKS it!

prom dress.


2) Next, is a blue cinderella style dress. Great way to make an impression. Honestly, not too many girls can pull off the cinderella style dress but good luck. This beauty is $140.

blue dress


3) Now, this next one has to be one of our favorites. Can you say “SEXY”! It’s $156.



4) Not really going for a short dress this year, but we couldn’t resist posting this dress. It’s really cute and sparkly! It’s $150.



5) Perfect in purple. The color is to amazing and dress too! Listed on ebay for $45.



6) We know some of you ladies want some advice from professionals. So you can’t go wrong by copying some of your favorite celebs. If you love Selena Gomez than you will love this next dress! It’s on ebay for just $75.

Selena Dress


7) This next girl definitely knows how to make a statement! It’s the lovely Miley Cyrus. This dress is $230.

Miley Prom Dress


8) We also love this dress worn by Ariana Grande. It’s $140.



Make sure you pick up some magazines. Inspiration is everywhere. Seventeen Magazine has a great issue of prom dresses out starring the beautiful Zendaya and Bella Thorne. Pick it up ladies!


Leave a comment and tell us your faves. Maybe we have given you some ideas. Make sure you send us pictures of your prom dress. Maybe we will put them on the site in a best dressed blog! Oh guys don’t forget to like us on Facebook.




demi Kardashian???


Lately we’ve noticed a change in Demi Lovato. We get that she’s changing and we still LOVE her, but lately we don’t know what’s going on with her (FYI we’re not talking about her recent nipple slip at her Dallas Concert on tour). We love her new found girl power, and we defended a lot of her provocative moves at concerts, but now were not so sure anymore. It seems like lately Demi has been taking a turn in her life. She’s becoming a bit of a Kim Kardashian clone.

We’re glad Demi’s stronger and loving life right now. We get that she’s changing; which is totally fine. However, even Demi’s very own fans are confused and calling her a Kim K 2.0 lately. Right now Demi seems to be joining the Kardashian family. She was even featured with the girls on the episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

We miss Demi LOVATO, but Kim K 2.0 can take a hike!

Love TRUTHiSHOUT 2.0 (haha!)