Didn’t Mean It


Jasmine Villegas & her team have finally decided it’s time to take her music to the next level with her very next single hitting iTunes on the 17th of this month. We’re glad Jasmine is putting this one out there in the music world since we’re used to listening to her youtube hits. The song is an amazing track about a break-up, and is really personal to Jasmine. I know we’ve said this about Jasmine before, but we have to say it again. Jasmine your music is like a R&B/Pop version of Taylor Swift with a touch of can’t be tamed Rihanna flare. We absolutely love it, because it’s so real. We love how you use your own life experiences to teach other girls out there through your music and outreach. Good to know there are REAL artists in the music industry.



Hi Japan!


Yes, it’s true Justin Bieber is enjoying the heated toilets in Japan right now. Well maybe not right now, but you get the idea. Justin & his team have kicked off the tour for Believe. JB even brought his girlfriend, Selena Gomez with him to kick off his tour. Fans will be sure to welcome the longtime couple to their home.

Remember JB, make sure security knows Mariah Yeater is banned from every concert for life! Better yet just bring Sel to all your concerts to discourage all these eager ladies. Have a good tour JB!


Selena Cheating on Justin


After pictures of Selena Gomez in a “mystery guy” surfaced from Ashley Tisdale’s beach birthday bash the media went crazy! However any Gomez or Bieber fan knows the mystery guy is Alfredo Flores! One of JB’s best friends, and has been with Justin since the beginning. He’s been touring with JB for forever! We can assure you Selena and Alfredo are JUST FRIENDS! Find something else to talk about now.


Believe LEAKS!


We took a little break from blogging for a month, but now we’re back! Looks like Scooter’s fears about Justin’s new album, Believe, are finally materializing. Believe is set to hit iTunes and stores everywhere in less than FOUR days, but problem is it’s leaking everywhere. Sorry Justin, but we couldn’t help but listen to some of the leaks. We’re just so excited for BELIEVE! Justin’s appearance on the Today Show was un-BELIEBABLE! He put on a mini-concert for his fans even bringing out Big Sean to perform their song from his album. However our favorite part was seeing Justin with Avalanna known to us beliebers as “Mrs. Bieber” (Yes, the 6 year old girl with cancer he fake married). Just shows how grounded and in touch Justin stays with his fans.

The leaked songs off of Believe seem almost impossible not to listen to eventually. Especially since EVERY celebrity has already heard it, and tweeted about it. Can’t wait for Believe to finally come out! Justin’s going to make the world Believe. Don’t forget to buy the CD and submit your code for a chance to win tickets, guitars, or even a chance to be his One Less Lonely Girl on stage.

P.S.- Also can’t wait to hear Maria since it’s probably going to be his much awaited Mariah Yeater diss. I bet it’s going to be like a version of Billie Jean from the new PRINCE OF POP!

BELIEVE tracklist 

01. All Around The World ft. Ludacris
02. Boyfriend
03. As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean
04. Take You
05. Right Here ft. Drake
06. Catching Feelings
07. Fall
08. Die In Your Arms
09. Thought Of You
10. Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj
11. One Love
12. Be Alright
13. Believe
14. Out Of Town Girl
15. She Don’t Like The Lights
16. Maria

Jelena Commercial!


No, don’t get your hopes up about a Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez commercial. However, Jamster is downgrading Jelena’s relationship to promote their relationship text messaging compatibility test.

The commercial is actually old. Their very 1st commercial slammed the past relationship of Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas known famously as Niley. Well now Jamster has moved on to one of the most famous couples on planet earth to sell their product. During the short commercial Jamster says that Jelena isn’t right for each other.

We all know from the past that Justin doesn’t like companies manipulating his life to sell their products. Team Bieber is known for their lawsuits of defamation against these products, as they should to defend Justin. We personally think the commercial is distasteful, and the product is complete crap! Do you think Justin & Selena should sue Jamster?


Justin Bieber vs. 1D


Lately we’ve been hearing tons of feuding between beliebers and directioners.

Well lets set the record straight for once and all.

One Direction’s good but they’re not better than Justin Bieber. All these directioners are coming at us saying Justin hasn’t had a #1 album or that 1D has more fans.

OUR RESPONSE: *eye roll* One Direction’s only had ONE album so calm down! They still haven’t sold more copies than Justin. They don’t have a movie. Nor do they have a Grammy nomination. If you want to be REAL honest they have enough fingers on their hands to count all of Justin’s awards. Also most directioners are just recycled beliebers. #DirectionersSitDown

And do NOT tell us Selena Gomez was dancing to WMYB at the Kid’s Choice Award, because every girl was dancing (even Michelle Obama). We keep hearing people *cough* directiobers are saying Justin is trying to be something he’s not, because they way he dresses and some of songs. Well first his music is amazing! Secondly, so what he’s a white boy from Canada. He has SWAG! Get some.

Obviously Justin wins this battle.

Tell us your opinion in the comments.


Blackmailers EXPOSED!


That’s right we decided it’s finally time to EXPOSE the Jasmine V. blackmailers. Are you ready?



One of the blackmailers is Malcolm.

Most of you probably have no idea who Malcolm is, but he’s been at the source of some Jasminator drama lately. Right now Malcolm is just acting behind an anonymous Twitter account. How pathetic right?

As of right now we’re only revealing one blackmailer, but trust us when we say he isn’t the only one. Malcolm has some accomplices too.

Malcolm and his friends have been trying to get Jasmine to pay $5000 saying they will kill or rape her. Also threatening to get her stalker, Steven Cintron, to take care of her and her brother. They have mainly been harassing Jasmine’s mom, Bernadette, on Twitter to pay them the money.

First your a sick person! Second Jasmine has a three year restraining order against Steven Cintron. He won’t be able to come within 100 yards of the talented singer until 2014 without being placed under arrest. All the Steven Cintron Twitter accounts you see around are probably fake seeing as the judge ordered that Cintron couldn’t post anything about Jasmine online.

If you haven’t gotten what we’re trying to tell you yet, we are saying that Malcolm and his dumb friends are just trying to scare Jasmine into paying them. They keep threatening to bring in Steven Cintron when it’s highly questionable that they even know Steven Cintron.

This calls for another Jasmine V. surprise face :

Also we hear that Malcolm may have some information on Jasmine. We don’t know how true this may be, but allegedly Malcolm and his buddies hacked Jasmine. They supposedly have some private pictures and other information on Jasmine. Doubt it! Seeing as everything they have been saying is lies, why should we start believing them now?

Message to the other blackmailers: Just because we didn’t reveal you in this blog doesn’t mean that we won’t in the future. We know exactly who you are now! We know you may be attempting to be friends with us, but trust we aren’t helping you one bit. We also know that you’ve been trying to hack our blogs and other accounts. Keep trying guys, your so entertaining!

Sincerely, You didn’t hack us! Joke’s on you.


Keke Palmer NOT dead.


Lately Twitter has been crazy with FAKE deaths. It all starts when someone thinks they will start what they think of as a “joke”. Well they pranked the wrong person!

When we first saw it, we were just praying it wasn’t true. We love Keke Palmer and we just couldn’t believe it. After making “#RIPKekePalmer” a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, things got a little out of hand. Apparently after hearing about Keke’s death, her family and friends begin calling to see if it was true. Her sister called her in tears about the trending topic. Keke didn’t keep quiet about her disgust that someone would do something like that. She immediately went on a rant, and trust us she held nothing back.

1st tweet: 

She goes on to say: 

Keke had every right to go insane over this cruel joke. Death is not something to play with especially with Keke. It’s not okay just because she’s a celebrity.

Supposedly the trending topic was started by a belieber when Keke talked about how “sexy” Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend teaser was on Twitter. No matter who, why, or what this was just something that shouldn’t have happened.

Glad it wasn’t true! We love you Keke!


Jasmine Gets Death Threats


Looks like the haters are at it again. When will they get tired of this?

Jasmine V. and her brother JDrew have always gotten hate online, and they ignore it most of the time. We too just ignore the haters or remove them from our timeline. Well you may recall a past blog about a Jasmine stalker. However now an “anonymous” Twitter by the name of @_Kokane_ has been attempting to blackmail the songstress. Notice we use quotations for anonymous, because it’s clear to us and many others who the anonymous Twitter really is.

The blackmailers are asking for $5000 from Jasmine. Saying they will kill her, and “rape her”. They also go on to say they will kidnap Jasmine’s brother, JDrew. Threatening to get Steven Cintron (Jasmine’s stalker) to take care of her. The blackmailers also go on to make some degrading, racist comments.

Our take on this whole thing is that obviously the blackmailers can’t follow up on their threats. I mean if they were legit they wouldn’t have to blackmail via Twitter. They would make the connections they needed. By the way they would probably ask for more than $5000 since we’re sure Jasmine’s has way more than that in her bank account. The blackmailers also have nothing on Jasmine or nothing that’s been revealed yet. Right now their just making threats through Twitter. Their keyboard seems to be so big and bad right now! Jasmine’s not worried and neither are we! If the blackmailers had the resources to kidnap Jasmine then they would not even NEED $5000 from her. So Jasminators don’t worry about a thing!

Also, @_Kokane_ it’s clear to us that your a pathetic wimp hiding behind a keyboard. Whatever your problem is with black people is stupid, and will get you nowhere in life. You don’t define someone by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character will they be judged. But hey maybe you shouldn’t take our advice since a BLACK blogger helped write this blog and run this website!


Just Jasmine’s Friend


We are now announcing our friendship with Jasmine Villegas. Yes, it’s true Jasmine & TRUTHiSHOUT are now BFFs. Duhhh! I mean she even put us in her video!

Okay we are totally in awe over Jasmine’s new remix for Just A Friend. Not only is it a music video, but it’s kind of like a game. You can really be apart of the video.

Once going to the website you have the option of logging into your Facebook account from the video. We advise you chose YES! Once you are logged in the video uses pictures and your name to put you inside the video. Don’t worry it’s not corny! It really is like your right there. The actors and Jasmine are really walking, talking, and dancing with you. The video even has a few tricks. You can help Jasmine realize that her boyfriend is cheating on her. After she figures out he’s cheating, you can help her push him in the pool. Then you can go hit the dance floor with Jasmine and her friends.

This is definitely the future of music videos! The music video is amazing! Notice JDrew and BZ make a special appearance in the video also.

Here’s the link to the video -> http://www.justafriend.ie/#