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Boyfriend LEAKED!


A little over a week before Justin Bieber’s single for his upcoming album, Believe, was set to come out chaos ensued. In literally about 30min. a big Justin Bieber twitter page pranked a ton of beliebers and maybe even Justin himself. The twitter account responsible was @JustinCrew tweeting to their more than 300,000 Twitter followers. They tweeted a Tumblr link claiming that Justin’s much awaited single had been leaked, but was only ten seconds long. The link got thousands of click in half an hour. However after clicking the link the fans were met with ten seconds of extreme disappointment.

Once clicking the link the beliebers were met with a guy singing “I just wasted ten seconds of your life”. We must give credit to @JustinCrew we think you may have finally pranked the prankster. They should put this on Punk’d. The prank even earned the attention of Justin’s team who were immediately freaked out. Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, even freaked out before learning it was just a prank.

If you would still like to view the link here it is.-



So Listen


Okay so today we heard Cody Simpson had a new song called So Listen, and his fans were going crazy. Everyone was loving it from what we could tell, but we had yet to hear it. We were planning on listening to it later until a fan said that T-Pain spit a verse on Cody’s song So Listen. We immediately dropped everything. Before even listening to the song all we could think of was Justin Bieber’s song Baby featuring Ludacris. We know that Cody’s also being managed by Scooter, but this song just seemed too much of a Justin Bieber type thing.

We like Cody Simpson, but we don’t want another Justin Bieber clone. We didn’t want anyone pegging Cody as a Justin Bieber wannabe. However, after listening to the song we LOVED it! Cody’s definitely not Justin Bieber. Baby and So Listen are both good songs, but they are also very different.

Lately we had been worried that Cody would be called Justin Bieber, because of all the coincidences such as:

1) Justin was managed by Scooter, and now Cody is managed by Scooter.

2) Justin has a song with Jessica Jarrell, and now Cody has a few songs with Jessica.

3) Justin’s biggest song, Baby, features rapper Ludacris. Now Cody has a song, So Listen, featuring rapper T-Pain.

Well let’s clear this all up now. Scooter is finally reaching out to help some new talent, and Cody just happens to be one of them. However, Cody collaborating with Jessica is no coincidence. Cody now has the same connections as Justin, and a collaboration was inevitable. Also for those who say Cody’s song So Listen mimics Justin’s song Baby then check Cody’s youtube. Cody has always been into hip-hop which is evident from his first big hit, iYiYi ft. Flo Rida on youtube. Don’t be so quick to dismiss his talent. Justin Bieber is not the only white boy into rap. Cody is proving his talent in the music industry, and we can’t wait to see what he does next. Even Justin loves Cody’s new song.

Listen to the song and judge for yourself! Then tell us what you think.


P.S. Happy Birthday to Ryan Good. Hope you’re having an amazing day! We see Twitter is throwing a party in your honor with numerous trending topics.



That’s right lady’s Justin Bieber is officially legal! Our teen heartthrob is finally 18 and he’s wasting no time in celebrating his birthday. He started off his day attempting to set a new Guinness World Record by getting the most social media messages in twenty-four hours. Well if you know Justin’s fans, beliebers, then you know we achieved this record with time to spare.

Justin celebrated his birthday on The Ellen Degeneres Show. After talking for a while, Justin helped Ellen surprise a fan. The fan had been taken to Ellen’s studios in a box with no clue as to what she was in for, and let’s just say she wasn’t disappointed. Justin also revealed a huge surprise to his fans. He revealed that his much anticipated single for Believe would be dropping March the 26th and it’s called Boyfriend. The song is basically him rapping & singing to a girl about what he would do if he was her boyfriend. Obviously we can’t wait for the single to drop!

Also I’m sure you’ve heard about Mrs.Bieber and were stumped as to who it was. Well it’s not Selena Gomez! Mrs. Bieber is a five year old cancer girl that Justin fake married when spending the day with her in New York. That’s our boy, always giving back.

That wasn’t the end to his crazy day. Scooter, Justin’s manager, along with Usher surprised JB with a brand new black Frisko Karma car. If you didn’t know his car is worth $100,000 and is fully electric! *Close your mouth!*

We’re sure Justin’s best friends, Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers, will help him break in his new ride. The two are currently in town to help JB celebrate his birthday the right way.

We’re sure this isn’t the end to Justin spectacular birthday, but this is where we leave you.

Dear Justin,

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY baby! We have been beliebers since before One Time came out. Which is over THREE years ago, and we will continue to support you through absolutely everything. We LOVE you, and have an amazing day! 






A day after the EMA’s Scooter Braun takes to Twitter saying “your 15 min is almost up…but it wont end there. Im coming after all of u. There r consequences for your actions. sick people in this world”. We obviously think this was directed to Mariah Yeater. It looks like Team Bieber are about to shut this young mother down once and for all. They are showing that they have no fear, and Justin will be taking a paternity test if he hasn’t already. Team Bieber plans to make Mariah eat her lies! Not even the money she probably received for her interviews will be able to pay for this lawyer bill coming her way. Mariah is about to grow up real quick as if her three month old baby boy Tristyn wasn’t enough trouble in her life.

Stick it to her Scooter! People have got to learn you can’t just spread lies about whoever & whatever you want without consequences!


Cody Simpson’s new manager?!?


Wait STOP the presses! Apparently Scooter Braun is Cody Simpson’s manager. Weknow, we know we’re super late!

Lately We’ve been on Twitter, and all these simpsonizers(Cody’s fans) have been talking crap about Scooter saying things like “Let Cody Be Cody” and “don’t turn him into Justin Bieber”.

Well let’s clear some things up right now. We like Cody Simpson, but some of his fans are totally out of hand right now. Cody wanted Scooter to be his manager even though he has one already. Matt Graham is Cody’s manager, but obviously he wants that Justin Bieber type of fame or why else would he hire Scooter Braun?

Simpsonizers need to STOP! Scooter Braun has never intentionally changed the type of person Justin was he just helped him become a better person. If Cody changes that will be his choice. Cody and Justin are two very different people, but also very talented.

Also to those Simpsonizers saying they don’t want Cody to be like Justin, because Justin’s “fake” and Scooter just wants “money” you can SHUT the *beep* UP! If you want us to be honest then Cody already copies Justin’s style a little bit.

First there’s not many white boys that can dougie, and Justin Bieber is one of the freakin’ best! Cody Simpson attempts to dougie, but it’s an ultimate failure. Sorry we like Cody, but his dougie is just not that great. His little sister, Alli, has a cute dougie though. Anyways Cody is talented, but his dancing needs a little work.

Simpsonizers you should be happy Scooter is Cody’s manager. Maybe he’ll finally get the recognition we all know he deserves. Cody’s a great artist, and Scooter’s just going to help showcase his talent. Now back up off our boy Scooter Braun before we unleash the beast!




I’m sure many of you have noticed the kids of the music industry and how strange they remind us of some of the greats. Everyone has already proclaimed Justin Bieber as our Michael Jackson, but there are so many more.

Justin Bieber has that voice that makes all of the girls hearts melt. No surprise many of us think of MJ when we hear Justin’s amazing talent. Right now he’s growing as the teen heartthrob, but that reputation may not last long. Justin’s making it clear that he doesn’t want to be put into one category as that bubble gum pop musician that record labels just love. He’s experimenting with country, pop, rap, and more. His fans just keep growing as he grows. Going crazy over the self-proclaimed “Shawty Mane”. Recently our boy Justin even remixed Drake’s hit song Trust Issues. Just like MJ we are sure Justin will be around for a very long time.

Next is one of my personal favorites Jessica Jarrell. If you read this blog a lot you know from some previous posts that Jessica is very talented. Whenever I think of Jessica the 1st person that comes to mind is the one and only Beyoncé. Jessica not only has a beautiful voice like Beyoncé, and a great personality. These two ladies also have another thing in common, and that’s their gorgeous bodies. Looking at Jessica you wouldn’t know she’s a 16 year old girl. Jessica definitely has the “total package” she just needs learn how to use it.

Next on our list is Mindless Behavior. We’ve been hearing all the craziness surrounding this cute boy group, and it’s well unbelievably…ummm CRAZY! These guys are gaining a crazy following right now, and I can’t help but think of the group B2K. They’re all so cute, but there’s always one or two that shine above the rest. Hopefully these guys will last longer than B2K did.

We will end our list with one more favorite, Avery. As you know if you read my other post titled “SUCCESS in 3…2…1” Avery sings one of our favorite songs right now which is GO SCREW YOURSELF or GSY! It’s definitely that anthem you sing when someone makes you mad. When we think of Avery we think Avril Lavigne. They both have the same type of…hmmm…swagger I guess. Their styles are very similar. Just go listen to Girlfriend by Avril and GSY by Avery and you’ll see what we’re talking about. The only difference we see is that Avery is a little more versatile. We love Avril, but she can’t sing every genre like Avery. Avery has the type of voice where she can sing lots of different types of music that many artists wouldn’t even attempt. As time goes on we think Avery will surpass Avril’s success.

Now leave a comment and tell us who you think the music industry is trying to remake. You can even leave us a link and maybe we’ll check it out and send it to some people. Remember there are labels everywhere looking for young new artists to bring into the music business. You could be the next one. Even Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun is looking for new talent. Play your cards right, and you could possibly meet JB!






If you’ve been on twitter at all today or in the past couple of weeks you’ve probably heard the words “show your heart.” Let me start from the beginning. At the beginning of July a Houston, Texas family were on their way home from a trip, and a car crossed into their lane crashing head on with the family. This family was the Berry family. The parents Joshua and Robin Berry were killed in this accident. The three children who were seated in the back also sustained injuries in this car crash. The two boys Peter(age 9) and Aaron(age 8) were both paralyzed below the waist. They are now receiving treatment at a Texas hospital. Upon learning this story Scooter Braun and Carin Morris immediately jumped into action. They launched the ShowYourHearts Organization as a way for people to learn about this tragic story, and allow everyone to help them. Today, July 27th of 2011, you can SHOW YOUR HEART and make a donation. Just go to to learn more and to make your donation.

It was no surprise that Justin is supporting this great cause and changing his icon seeing as Scooter is his manager. However it was a happy surprise to see that Britney Spears&Katy Perry had joined the cause and were showing their hearts! Even Lady Gaga, Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, Chad Ochocinco, Mike Tyson and many more are joining this amazing movement.

Follow in their footsteps and go SHOW YOUR HEART!


P.S. Scooter thanks for allowing us all to help in this amazing organization. Can’t believe you made time to do something so amazing with your busy scheldule. Great to see people making a change!