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A rapper trying to rise to fame through disses. A person completely obsessed with Justin Bieber and his leftovers!

Crew Love Battle


Jasmine V., JDrew, Jinsu, Aaron Fresh

Well, well, well let the battle begin! Jasmine V. and her brother JDrew recently (about 3 days ago) release their cover to Drake’s Crew Love. The song was an immediate hit. Personally, we love it. The family duo rewrote the song to fit their situation. The song obviously dissed Jinsu opening with the verse “Get ya hand out my wallet“. Then going into the ladies’ favorite verse “trying to run game, when i be coaching“. It basically exposed the true Jinsu for everyone to see.

Jinsu didn’t stand on the sidelines though. He and his “new friend”, we use quotes because we think Jinsu is using him, released their own version of Crew Love today. It was clearly done to anger Jasmine and JDrew, but admittedly Aaron sounded good. Jinsu not so much. Again he’s just rapping about things he doesn’t do. Our advice to Aaron is to separate himself from Jinsu before it’s too late. We even tweeted him saying “watch who you let get close to you cause truth is most of just come to benefit themselves”, which he later retweeted clearly having no idea we were talking about Jinsu.

We think Jasmine and JDrew won this battle. Jasmine sounded amazing. JDrew killed his verse. Their lyrics were clearly better. They were talking about things that were real for them, and not the normal stuff artists rap and sing about unlike Jinsu. TRUTHiSHOUT is declaring Jasmine and JDrew the winners, but we still want to hear your opinions. Watch the videos at the bottom, and vote for your favorite.



Jasmine’s NEW boy!


Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!

Our girl Jasmine V. may have a new boyfriend! His name is Austin McBroom, and he’s a college boy. He attends the University of Michigan where he is a point guard. However he’s currently scoring points with Jasmine.

He’s super cute and we can’t wait to see if this thing is for real! Jasmine is so happy right now. Austin is focused on his career and God just like Jasmine, but he definitely knows how to treat her right. He gets along with her friends and family, and is really CUTE!

See Jasmine, we TOLD you, you could do better than that no good JinWHO!

Like we legit get butterflies when we read his tweets that are clearly about Jasmine!

Loving this dude! I think we may be crushing more than Jasmine! Even Jasmine’s mom, Bernadette, approves! That’s a good sign.

Sounds like those tweets where directed at someone.

Austin has officially been approved by the Jasminators! Just remember Austin, you are entering a crazy fan base. If you hurt Jasmine, we will hurt you! You have been warned. Other than that you just gained some fans for CMU!


Jasmine&Jinsu Call it Quits!


YES!!! Finally Jasmine we are so happy for you! Finally got rid of that no good boyfriend.

We know this is like the one hundredth Jasmine Villegas blog since the year began, but we promise to blog about other things too.

It’s been confirmed that Jasmine and Jinsu are no more! Now we just have to wait to see who Jinsu hooks up with to ride his way to fame.

Jasmine is doing amazing as always. She seems to be in a much better place. Reportedly her and her mom, Bernadette, are even on better terms. Jasmine has even hit ONE MILLION Twitter followers. Not to mention landing a deal as the face of Tokidoki, her app and website are doing incredible. We’re thinking 2012 may just be Jasmine’s year!

The Jasminators have already decided they want Jasmine to date Niall from One Direction. That’s so adorable, but we are hoping that Jasmine stays single for a while. Give her time to focus on herself and her career.

Best of Luck Jasmine!


Another Side of the Story.



After hearing Jream’s new song we were a bit confused. Honestly we’re not sure who’s telling the truth any more. Like Jream said in the song we were team Bernadette (Jream and Jasmine’s mom) when she said that Jinsu was beating Jasmine. I mean that’s their MOM why would she ever lie about such a serious issue? We felt that she was trying to protect Jasmine. We thought that when Bernie was talking about all the horrible things that her kids were doing to her she was telling the truth. But now we’re not so sure anymore? We hate going back on our words or changing teams, but we feel YOU deserve to hear both sides of the story.

Bernie says that Jinsu is beating Jasmine, and that they are all covering for him.

Jream&Jasmine say that Bernie was the one abusing Jasmine. They say she stole money from them and was a horrible mother.

Now lets lay out the facts of the past & present.

#1– Whenever Jasmine & Jream were feuding, Jasmine and her friends took to Twitter. However Jream NEVER responded nor does he ever say anything about the rumors on Twitter. This is the FIRST time he’s ever did this type of thing which really has us wondering if it’s true.

#2– If Jinsu was really abusing Jasmine for TEN MONTHS why had Bernie being Jasmine’s mom not already kicked him out of her house. Why had she continued to let Jasmine see him when she was seventeen if he was abusing her?

#3– Why would Jasmine’s brother, father, and friends defend Jinsu if they knew he was abusing her?

#4–  Why are old friends just now deciding to speak out? Jasmine’s old friend recently claimed that Bernie was telling the truth about Jinsu hitting Jasmine, yet her and Jasmine haven’t been friends for a while. The picture she posted via Twitter looked a few years old so how could she possibly know what’s going on in Jasmine’s life now, or more importantly in the last ten months?

#5– Obviously Jasmine has been physically abused by someone. That’s the only thing that these two very different stories agree on. Atleast we all know that Jasmine is a lot stronger than everyone gives her credit for. We definitely just gained a lot of respect for her!

We’re not by any means saying that Bernie is lying, but the stories just don’t add up. Lately it seems like there’s holes in everyone’s story. We just pray that Jasmine’s no longer being abused by anyone any longer since that’s the only thing the stories seem to agree on. Now you have heard two sides of the story, only thing left to hear is the TRUTH.

If what Jream & Jasmine are saying is true, I think we, TRUTHiSHOUT, and a lot of others owe Jasmine & Jream & Jinsu a big apology. Our last few blogs haven’t exactly given them a chance to tell their side of the story. I guess we just have to wait for what comes next. Hopefully the truth will finally come out.


If you or anyone you know is in a abusive relationship please visit for more information. No one that loves you should ever abuse you. Take a stand!

Jasmine V. abused?


We logged on to our Twitter account today to absolute chaos. It seems that more drama has erupted in Jasmine’s life.

Circulating rumors say that Jinsu hit Jasmine; which was later confirmed with Jasmine’s mom, Bernadette, tweeting “When u truly love someone u have to have trust, honesty, loyalty,..never let a man hit u! That’s not love! U need someone who will support u“.

However, Jinsu quickly denied these allegations when questioned by a fan.

We have one source that said police were involved in one incident. Every day this relationship seems even  more TOXIC! It’s obvious to us that Jasmine and her team are hiding something, but we never thought it would be this bad. This relationship is just screaming Sammie&Ronnie.

Bernadette even wants to take a lie detector to prove to everyone that she is telling the truth. We believe her, but we’re just going to wait and see what happens. For now we will be praying for Jasmine and her family.

For anyone reading this know that love is not abuse. LOVE IS RESPECT! If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship visit for help.


Trouble in Paradise


Lately it seems like couple Jasmine & Jinsu have been in paradise together. However that isn’t the case. Like every couple they have their ups and downs.

Jinsu was shooting a video for his song Insecure yesterday. Yesterday on Twitter, January 15th, Jasmine bitterly tweeted, “That moment when he puts another girl in his video instead of you #sad“. She later deleted the tweet within minutes.

She later tweeted, “Being upset is diff from bein hurt..I’m upset with you but I’m hurt that you can’t tell the difference..” which sounded like it was directed at Jinsu in our opinions. But who really knows?

Later Jasmine also tweeted, “If you can’t trust em leave em *shrugs*”.

Is Jasmine finally calling it quits on this relationship?

Hold back your screams of joy!

The next morning Jasmine tweeted, “Talking it out really helps..sometimes my emotions get in the way but you never fail to wipe the tears off my face..I love u for that 🙂“. Maybe the couple is working through these minor bumps in their relationship.

Do you think Jasmine & Jinsu can make this relationship work?


Jasmine V. Moves Out


Jasmine(@JASMINEVILLEGAS) has decided she is ready to move out of her family’s house, and into her very own apartment. Rumors have said that her boyfriend, Jinsu, will also be living with the up and coming singer.

However after searching around a bit we think there may have been some other reasons behind Jasmine moving out on her own. Apparently Jasmine and her mom, Bernadette(@bernadettevales), have had a few arguments concerning Jasmine’s “friends”. Mainly Jasmine’s boyfriend, Jinsu. Bernadette like many of us, including some die-hard Jasminators, feel that Jinsu is using Jasmine. He’s basically living off of her, because he has no money of his own.

One source says Jasmine is paying for their new place all by herself. Looks like Jasmine’s mom is just completely done with Jinsu. Though it’s no surprise, especially after a friend of Jasmine’s (possibly Rob or Jinsu) deleted her old Twitter.

This information was a little hard for me to digest at first until I looked at the evidence. Jasmine already spends plenty of money on Jinsu.  Just take a look at what she got him for his last birthday.


We just hope that every thing turns out good for Jasmine. Her career is going amazing at this moment, and we just hope she isn’t surrounded by people who are going to bring her down. Friends are like elevators, some will take you up, while others bring you down.


Sincerely, Sel


Recently Jasmine V. released her tracklist for her upcoming mixtape “s(he) be(lie)ve(d)” with a little story attached. Everyone was talking about it saying it was obviously about her and Justin. I mean EVERYONE including ourselves think Jasmine wanted people to think it was about Justin, and maybe it was. Well we thought Selena should tell her story.

Since we clearly couldn’t get Selena to release a little story for her latest album, When The Sun Goes Down, where she unmistakably disses Jasmine we decided to do it for her! The picture your about to see is completely FAKE! Selena did NOT really say this. 

If you didn’t get to see the story Jasmine posted via Twitter with her soundtrack here it is again:

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s(he) be(lie)ve(d)


Jasmine V. is releasing a new mixtape titled “She Believed” or as JV puts it s(he) be(lie)ve(d). If you hadn’t noticed by now the letters in the parenthesis spell out “he lied”. We are loving the creativity behind this mixtape. Jasmine released the tracklist for the mixtape in a very creative picture. Howevery, yet again Jasmine seems to be using the Bieber speculated drama to promote herself. We all know that Jasmine and Justin had a little fling in the past, I mean the pictures are all over the internet!

We knew there was definitely a falling out with Justin and Jasmine hence the Justin and Jinsu beef. However we figured Jasmine was over that by now, but here it is again almost a year later. In the picture below it seems like Jasmine may be talking about Justin, and how he had said they were “just friends” making her look bad. Eventually Justin starts seeing Selena which spikes some jealousy from Jasmine. After being hurt Jasmine meets her new boy, Jinsu we believe. From the start she was just completely honest with him about her past relationship. Remember this is our speculation as to what Jasmine’s story meant, and I’m sure many of you agree with us. We loved the tracklist, but is Jasmine using the Justin drama to create a buzz for her mixtape? Though we enjoyed the story by Jasmine it seems to us that it was unnecessary no matter how entertaining. When Jasmine posted the story with the tracklist she knew exactly what people would think. She knew exactly what message the fans would pick up when she posted her mixtape tracklist. I guess all there’s left to do is wait for the mixtape to come.


family feud!


Hello world, welcome to the brand new edition of FAMILY FEUD! If you didn’t already know Family Feud is a game show that puts two different families against each other to win money. Well yesterday via Twitter the new internet version of Family Feud premiered with Jasmine Villegas and her family. However they put a little twist on this family feud.

Apparently Jasmine, Jinsu, and Rob got sent a forwarded text that ALLEGEDLY Jream was sending around. Jinsu posted the text on his twitter which said ” just want to inform you to please not affiliate me with the likes of rob swanson jinsu, or jasmine V. thank you.”

After this Jasminators & Jreamers were in a frenzy! Everyone was taking sides. Things were said that shouldn’t of been said. Jasmine, Jinsu, and Rob are choosing to believe what they see, and declaring themselves family. Jasmine even posted a few tweets about brothers that was undoubtedly aimed at Jream. Things looked pretty bad, but Jream and Jasmine’s mom intervined to take up for her son. Then things got a little heated between her and Rob. I will not repeat them on here, but we’re a little in shock of it all. We know that things are a little crazy right now, but Rob had no right to talk to Jasmine’s mom like that. It was even more surprising that Jasmine didn’t stick up for her mom even though she felt the need to retweet the text BS about Jream. Personally we feel that this was just inappropriate for twitter. Work out your family problems at home people! Major props to Jream for choosing not to participate in this argument saying “I’m sorry for the drama and personal business on Twitter, I’m not gna bash anyone. This is between me and them, I’m sorry everyone.” Take notes Jasmine&Jinsu.

Another issue we ran into is why Jasmine would choose to not believe her family, her bloodline. Why would she just forget about her family so quick, and stick with people who are so dispensible in her life? It’s become clear that the family is siding with Jream. Even one of Jasmine’s biggest fans is taking Jream’s side.

Things aren’t always what they seem. We realize that we don’t know EVERYTHING that’s going on with this family, but they are FAMILY! Even if Jream and Jasmine hate each other they should know better than to air out their dirty laundry on Twitter. Well of course being a blog site we LOVE to air out other people’s dirty laundry, but when you do it yourself you just take the fun out of it for everyone. #GETitTOGETHER or atleast keep it off of Twitter.


P.S. Jinsu through all of this drama I hear you telling every Jream was just living off of Jasmine’s success. Well first of all Jasmine has yet to hit real success! Yes, Jasmine is talented but she’s still working her way to the top. You keep saying that Jream is living off of his sister’s success when your really the one living off her success. Jream constantly supports his sister, and they are family so why wouldn’t they support each other? Your the one sticking around for the ride. Don’t be mad Jream is getting some playtime while your still on the sidelines.