Blackmailers EXPOSED!


That’s right we decided it’s finally time to EXPOSE the Jasmine V. blackmailers. Are you ready?



One of the blackmailers is Malcolm.

Most of you probably have no idea who Malcolm is, but he’s been at the source of some Jasminator drama lately. Right now Malcolm is just acting behind an anonymous Twitter account. How pathetic right?

As of right now we’re only revealing one blackmailer, but trust us when we say he isn’t the only one. Malcolm has some accomplices too.

Malcolm and his friends have been trying to get Jasmine to pay $5000 saying they will kill or rape her. Also threatening to get her stalker, Steven Cintron, to take care of her and her brother. They have mainly been harassing Jasmine’s mom, Bernadette, on Twitter to pay them the money.

First your a sick person! Second Jasmine has a three year restraining order against Steven Cintron. He won’t be able to come within 100 yards of the talented singer until 2014 without being placed under arrest. All the Steven Cintron Twitter accounts you see around are probably fake seeing as the judge ordered that Cintron couldn’t post anything about Jasmine online.

If you haven’t gotten what we’re trying to tell you yet, we are saying that Malcolm and his dumb friends are just trying to scare Jasmine into paying them. They keep threatening to bring in Steven Cintron when it’s highly questionable that they even know Steven Cintron.

This calls for another Jasmine V. surprise face :

Also we hear that Malcolm may have some information on Jasmine. We don’t know how true this may be, but allegedly Malcolm and his buddies hacked Jasmine. They supposedly have some private pictures and other information on Jasmine. Doubt it! Seeing as everything they have been saying is lies, why should we start believing them now?

Message to the other blackmailers: Just because we didn’t reveal you in this blog doesn’t mean that we won’t in the future. We know exactly who you are now! We know you may be attempting to be friends with us, but trust we aren’t helping you one bit. We also know that you’ve been trying to hack our blogs and other accounts. Keep trying guys, your so entertaining!

Sincerely, You didn’t hack us! Joke’s on you.



just be HONEST!

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