Keke Palmer NOT dead.


Lately Twitter has been crazy with FAKE deaths. It all starts when someone thinks they will start what they think of as a “joke”. Well they pranked the wrong person!

When we first saw it, we were just praying it wasn’t true. We love Keke Palmer and we just couldn’t believe it. After making “#RIPKekePalmer” a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, things got a little out of hand. Apparently after hearing about Keke’s death, her family and friends begin calling to see if it was true. Her sister called her in tears about the trending topic. Keke didn’t keep quiet about her disgust that someone would do something like that. She immediately went on a rant, and trust us she held nothing back.

1st tweet: 

She goes on to say: 

Keke had every right to go insane over this cruel joke. Death is not something to play with especially with Keke. It’s not okay just because she’s a celebrity.

Supposedly the trending topic was started by a belieber when Keke talked about how “sexy” Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend teaser was on Twitter. No matter who, why, or what this was just something that shouldn’t have happened.

Glad it wasn’t true! We love you Keke!



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