Jasmine Gets Death Threats


Looks like the haters are at it again. When will they get tired of this?

Jasmine V. and her brother JDrew have always gotten hate online, and they ignore it most of the time. We too just ignore the haters or remove them from our timeline. Well you may recall a past blog about a Jasmine stalker. However now an “anonymous” Twitter by the name of @_Kokane_ has been attempting to blackmail the songstress. Notice we use quotations for anonymous, because it’s clear to us and many others who the anonymous Twitter really is.

The blackmailers are asking for $5000 from Jasmine. Saying they will kill her, and “rape her”. They also go on to say they will kidnap Jasmine’s brother, JDrew. Threatening to get Steven Cintron (Jasmine’s stalker) to take care of her. The blackmailers also go on to make some degrading, racist comments.

Our take on this whole thing is that obviously the blackmailers can’t follow up on their threats. I mean if they were legit they wouldn’t have to blackmail via Twitter. They would make the connections they needed. By the way they would probably ask for more than $5000 since we’re sure Jasmine’s has way more than that in her bank account. The blackmailers also have nothing on Jasmine or nothing that’s been revealed yet. Right now their just making threats through Twitter. Their keyboard seems to be so big and bad right now! Jasmine’s not worried and neither are we! If the blackmailers had the resources to kidnap Jasmine then they would not even NEED $5000 from her. So Jasminators don’t worry about a thing!

Also, @_Kokane_ it’s clear to us that your a pathetic wimp hiding behind a keyboard. Whatever your problem is with black people is stupid, and will get you nowhere in life. You don’t define someone by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character will they be judged. But hey maybe you shouldn’t take our advice since a BLACK blogger helped write this blog and run this website!



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  1. that’s a good idea to recruit steven cintron to finish jasmine villegas. i think he will do it. he don’t care about the restraining orders. jasmine v betrayed him and stabbed him in the back, she got a restraining order against him that’s when she fuck up. a good way for him to get her back for what shes did is by killing her. she asked for it, that bitch deserve to die for what she did. find steven cintron and recruit him. he is the guy for the job. jasmines life is comming to an end. this is a great way for him to make her pay for the restraining orders.

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