Just Jasmine’s Friend


We are now announcing our friendship with Jasmine Villegas. Yes, it’s true Jasmine & TRUTHiSHOUT are now BFFs. Duhhh! I mean she even put us in her video!

Okay we are totally in awe over Jasmine’s new remix for Just A Friend. Not only is it a music video, but it’s kind of like a game. You can really be apart of the video.

Once going to the website you have the option of logging into your Facebook account from the video. We advise you chose YES! Once you are logged in the video uses pictures and your name to put you inside the video. Don’t worry it’s not corny! It really is like your right there. The actors and Jasmine are really walking, talking, and dancing with you. The video even has a few tricks. You can help Jasmine realize that her boyfriend is cheating on her. After she figures out he’s cheating, you can help her push him in the pool. Then you can go hit the dance floor with Jasmine and her friends.

This is definitely the future of music videos! The music video is amazing! Notice JDrew and BZ make a special appearance in the video also.

Here’s the link to the video -> http://www.justafriend.ie/#



just be HONEST!

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