Diggy Disses J.Cole


Everyone’s going crazy after Diggy released his song What You Say To Me. In the song he disses J.Cole on the four minute track. When we say diss, we do mean diss! Diggy goes in on J.Cole on the song.

Diggy’s song was basically a reply to J.Cole’s song Grew Up Fast. Obviously J.Cole didn’t know you can diss a rapper a million times, but you don’t talk about his sister! We’re sure Diggy could’ve ignored the little diss to his rapping skills, but when J.Cole brought up his big sister Vanessa it was time to eat!

It’s clear that Diggy doesn’t want to work it out either when he says “…stand up, matter fact sit down, don’t try to call homie home for a sit down”.

Also this isn’t the 1st time J.Cole has talked about Vanessa either. He also made her the topic of his song Purple Rain. Sounds like Vanessa turned J.Cole down at one point and he just can’t get over it. That has to be the only reason you would continually diss Rev Run’s daughter in a song and then bring her family into it. We can’t blame Diggy for going in on this song. We’re even thinking about sending J.Cole some ice for that burn. Do you really think you can diss the Simmons family without suffering some type of repercussions?

What do you think of the song?



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  1. Well iluv the Doggy J Cole diss song because J Cole deserved. It because iknow Vanessa. Is not that kinda girl n another person is trying to take up for J Cole n they dnt evn. Care about what he said about Diggys sister and some people dis know about purple rain so It was no need for other haters to try to disaster Doggy if it wasn’t none of you’re. Business

  2. etSetters! Check out Diggy’s highly anticipated video for “4 Letter Word” below! The Phil. directed clip premiered on BET’s 106 & Park this afternoon! Let us know what you think of Diggy’s new video in the comments below, and on Twitter using #4LetterWordVideo! “4 Letter Word” is available on itunes HERE!

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