Crew Love Battle


Jasmine V., JDrew, Jinsu, Aaron Fresh

Well, well, well let the battle begin! Jasmine V. and her brother JDrew recently (about 3 days ago) release their cover to Drake’s Crew Love. The song was an immediate hit. Personally, we love it. The family duo rewrote the song to fit their situation. The song obviously dissed Jinsu opening with the verse “Get ya hand out my wallet“. Then going into the ladies’ favorite verse “trying to run game, when i be coaching“. It basically exposed the true Jinsu for everyone to see.

Jinsu didn’t stand on the sidelines though. He and his “new friend”, we use quotes because we think Jinsu is using him, released their own version of Crew Love today. It was clearly done to anger Jasmine and JDrew, but admittedly Aaron sounded good. Jinsu not so much. Again he’s just rapping about things he doesn’t do. Our advice to Aaron is to separate himself from Jinsu before it’s too late. We even tweeted him saying “watch who you let get close to you cause truth is most of just come to benefit themselves”, which he later retweeted clearly having no idea we were talking about Jinsu.

We think Jasmine and JDrew won this battle. Jasmine sounded amazing. JDrew killed his verse. Their lyrics were clearly better. They were talking about things that were real for them, and not the normal stuff artists rap and sing about unlike Jinsu. TRUTHiSHOUT is declaring Jasmine and JDrew the winners, but we still want to hear your opinions. Watch the videos at the bottom, and vote for your favorite.



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  1. I voted for Aaron and jinsu. Only for the fact Aaron was in it. I still really liked jasmine’s and j drew’s and find this whole ‘battle’ hilarious lol.

  2. well I voted for Jinsu and Aaron Fresh! The thing the jaunt n her brother were focused on was tryna come at my boy Jin which was obviously her intension but my mans kept his shit together n spoke real shit. To be real I didnt hear about her til i found out Jin was dealing wit her.. keep being a childrens star hunny… cause he doin grown folk things over here. He couldve came at her sideways to keep it 100 but he played it cool.. cause at the end of the day she knows damn well nobody was worried about her bread. thats something she tried throwing around….Hating is a crazy thing! So shout out to my mans Jin n the boi Aaron Fresh yall did yall thing..! the rest of yall can kick rocks n blow bubbles…

    • So me just being honest and keeping it 100. Real talk you need to shut the dirty pot mouth you got on your faceI’m gonna let you know a fact you Obvi dont know Jasmine and Jdrew make more money in 1 day than you make an a hour :/. Truth hurts? I know. Yeah she might be a children star but at least she’s making it somewhere. What you mean by “No one was worried about her bread?” What you need to do is find your bitch ass a life. You Obvi dont know what its like to be in the position she was/is in. Yeah hating is a crazy thing..But why do you do it?. I truly love Aaron Fresh but he’s making a bad change to hang with jinsu, thats gonna hurt his fans and carrer bad. If he is doing GROWN FOLK THINGS why didn’t he keep it 100?. You Obvi need to think about alot! I really think you should stop bagging on Jasmine and Jdrew they been through more than what you have, you have no idea what is like for them?. The least you should do is apoligize :/. There are so many things i could say that would hurt your feelings But im keeping it 100 for people just like you. Your oppion dont matter baby, so let me stop you in your tracks before if ends ugly. Remeber “Just to be HONEST!” I keep it real all day every day! Try it (:

  3. uhmm for you people who voted for jinsu you really need help ! Why would you vote for someone who hits woman ! yall is Cra !!!! like if i saw jinsu i would slap him !

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