So Listen


Okay so today we heard Cody Simpson had a new song called So Listen, and his fans were going crazy. Everyone was loving it from what we could tell, but we had yet to hear it. We were planning on listening to it later until a fan said that T-Pain spit a verse on Cody’s song So Listen. We immediately dropped everything. Before even listening to the song all we could think of was Justin Bieber’s song Baby featuring Ludacris. We know that Cody’s also being managed by Scooter, but this song just seemed too much of a Justin Bieber type thing.

We like Cody Simpson, but we don’t want another Justin Bieber clone. We didn’t want anyone pegging Cody as a Justin Bieber wannabe. However, after listening to the song we LOVED it! Cody’s definitely not Justin Bieber. Baby and So Listen are both good songs, but they are also very different.

Lately we had been worried that Cody would be called Justin Bieber, because of all the coincidences such as:

1) Justin was managed by Scooter, and now Cody is managed by Scooter.

2) Justin has a song with Jessica Jarrell, and now Cody has a few songs with Jessica.

3) Justin’s biggest song, Baby, features rapper Ludacris. Now Cody has a song, So Listen, featuring rapper T-Pain.

Well let’s clear this all up now. Scooter is finally reaching out to help some new talent, and Cody just happens to be one of them. However, Cody collaborating with Jessica is no coincidence. Cody now has the same connections as Justin, and a collaboration was inevitable. Also for those who say Cody’s song So Listen mimics Justin’s song Baby then check Cody’s youtube. Cody has always been into hip-hop which is evident from his first big hit, iYiYi ft. Flo Rida on youtube. Don’t be so quick to dismiss his talent. Justin Bieber is not the only white boy into rap. Cody is proving his talent in the music industry, and we can’t wait to see what he does next. Even Justin loves Cody’s new song.

Listen to the song and judge for yourself! Then tell us what you think.


P.S. Happy Birthday to Ryan Good. Hope you’re having an amazing day! We see Twitter is throwing a party in your honor with numerous trending topics.


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  1. he is so fine and what makes him even finer is his love for god…loving god is such a sexy look.he is really talented and i look forward to his new cd as well because we need a new male singer out here to represent for love and romance without it just being let me hit it and quit it that is so not a good snack to feed the soul

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