Jasmine&Jinsu Call it Quits!


YES!!! Finally Jasmine we are so happy for you! Finally got rid of that no good boyfriend.

We know this is like the one hundredth Jasmine Villegas blog since the year began, but we promise to blog about other things too.

It’s been confirmed that Jasmine and Jinsu are no more! Now we just have to wait to see who Jinsu hooks up with to ride his way to fame.

Jasmine is doing amazing as always. She seems to be in a much better place. Reportedly her and her mom, Bernadette, are even on better terms. Jasmine has even hit ONE MILLION Twitter followers. Not to mention landing a deal as the face of Tokidoki, her app and website are doing incredible. We’re thinking 2012 may just be Jasmine’s year!

The Jasminators have already decided they want Jasmine to date Niall from One Direction. That’s so adorable, but we are hoping that Jasmine stays single for a while. Give her time to focus on herself and her career.

Best of Luck Jasmine!



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