WE BELIEVE! If you didn’t already know we are die-hard beliebers (BEST fans in the world!) We absolutely love Justin Bieber, and it’s been a while since we blogged about him. I mean there’s been no scandals or any more crazy baby mamas popping up out of no where.

Well we thought we would update you on what’s going on with Justin. He is currently working on his new album, Believe. He is making sure to come with some crazy stuff for us. Justin’s new album is going to blow our mind. He has some crazy collaborations for us coming with his new album.

Justin’s new album is said to have collaborations with: Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Taylor Swift, and Pharrell. He’s also been hitting the studio pretty hard with Timbaland. We just know that Justin is going to get a little crazy on this album, and come with some great music. Can’t wait!

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