Another Side of the Story.



After hearing Jream’s new song we were a bit confused. Honestly we’re not sure who’s telling the truth any more. Like Jream said in the song we were team Bernadette (Jream and Jasmine’s mom) when she said that Jinsu was beating Jasmine. I mean that’s their MOM why would she ever lie about such a serious issue? We felt that she was trying to protect Jasmine. We thought that when Bernie was talking about all the horrible things that her kids were doing to her she was telling the truth. But now we’re not so sure anymore? We hate going back on our words or changing teams, but we feel YOU deserve to hear both sides of the story.

Bernie says that Jinsu is beating Jasmine, and that they are all covering for him.

Jream&Jasmine say that Bernie was the one abusing Jasmine. They say she stole money from them and was a horrible mother.

Now lets lay out the facts of the past & present.

#1– Whenever Jasmine & Jream were feuding, Jasmine and her friends took to Twitter. However Jream NEVER responded nor does he ever say anything about the rumors on Twitter. This is the FIRST time he’s ever did this type of thing which really has us wondering if it’s true.

#2– If Jinsu was really abusing Jasmine for TEN MONTHS why had Bernie being Jasmine’s mom not already kicked him out of her house. Why had she continued to let Jasmine see him when she was seventeen if he was abusing her?

#3– Why would Jasmine’s brother, father, and friends defend Jinsu if they knew he was abusing her?

#4–  Why are old friends just now deciding to speak out? Jasmine’s old friend recently claimed that Bernie was telling the truth about Jinsu hitting Jasmine, yet her and Jasmine haven’t been friends for a while. The picture she posted via Twitter looked a few years old so how could she possibly know what’s going on in Jasmine’s life now, or more importantly in the last ten months?

#5– Obviously Jasmine has been physically abused by someone. That’s the only thing that these two very different stories agree on. Atleast we all know that Jasmine is a lot stronger than everyone gives her credit for. We definitely just gained a lot of respect for her!

We’re not by any means saying that Bernie is lying, but the stories just don’t add up. Lately it seems like there’s holes in everyone’s story. We just pray that Jasmine’s no longer being abused by anyone any longer since that’s the only thing the stories seem to agree on. Now you have heard two sides of the story, only thing left to hear is the TRUTH.

If what Jream & Jasmine are saying is true, I think we, TRUTHiSHOUT, and a lot of others owe Jasmine & Jream & Jinsu a big apology. Our last few blogs haven’t exactly given them a chance to tell their side of the story. I guess we just have to wait for what comes next. Hopefully the truth will finally come out.


If you or anyone you know is in a abusive relationship please visit for more information. No one that loves you should ever abuse you. Take a stand!


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  1. If you go on the video of what would you do on jdrewtv channel on youtube he wrote in the info bar that jinsu did infact abuse her but so did her mum

  2. honestly i di think its her mom i mean c’mon even her dad..her mothers own husband is sticking up for jinsu the mom is the only one saying it is jinsu obviosly it is her. the battle should be over jasmine is the one being abused dont u think she knows who has been doing it i watch her videos just jasmine all the time n her n jinsu are close and obvioussly love eachother…how often do u see her mom in there

    • Love is Unconditional. Jinsu did at one point loved jasmine in a way. Jasmine did not love him in the way he thought. Have you ever thought maybe jasmine’s mom put them togather because of money or just to hurt jasmine?. Who care’s who is sticking up for who? We only care who WILL stick up for jasmine. I dont think she actually knows because she’s been in the position for the longest.You also need more research.

  3. Ok it’s both her mom and jinsu. If you go and look at jdrews song read what he says at the end he says I wrote this before jasmine admitted to being abuses by jinsu,but that doesn’t make my mom an angel she still did all of the thing I listed so it was both:(

  4. 1. jasmine’s new’s friends said jamie or jessica and jenny was beating her?

    2.f you go on the video of what would you do on jdrewtv channel on youtube he wrote in the info bar

    3.I don’t know. But i know is that her girlfriends she yes she like bar was the one who abused her sister Jacqueline jose

    • Jinsu was beating jasmine, But Jasmine was soo used to abuse by her MOTHER!, she stayed with jinsu. More research…Please?

  5. Obviously Jinsu Bcause Jasmine mad a video of an abusive relationship and then she broke up with Jinsu so Jinsu is the one in my case

  6. I believe what’s jream saying in his Music *What Would You Do* hes speaking the truth because Bernie was abusing Jasmine and that he forced her on boys at a very young age (14) and thag she pulls Jasmines hair slap her call her a SLUT and have her and her brothers to starv why would bernie do such things !? They started seeing bruises on jas an that her dad would take out for 5 hours to protect her from harm her brother Jream admits he took a hit from bernie tp o protect jas bernie would slap her but jream stepped in. and so bernie kicked jream out 😥 its sad

  7. Honestly I think her mom did! Because jinsu wouldn’t do that too jasmine if he did he woudve been in jail by now! And plus jream would’ve beat jinsu ass for that. But she messages me on twitter saying “my mom is the one who was abusing me not jinsu me and my got into argue meant a but jinsu wouldn’t do that to me me and him broke up but where really close friends!” So yeah

  8. I honestly believe that her own freakin mother beat her up cuz be4 I totally thought that it was jinsu but y if he’s her brother y in the world would he make something up like that I mean it’s hella obvious.

  9. First of all…. Jasmine didn’t tell her parents that she was getting abused by him, cuz she she really loved him. Her parents defended her EX because he is probably getting all this hate right noe

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