Jasmine V. abused?


We logged on to our Twitter account today to absolute chaos. It seems that more drama has erupted in Jasmine’s life.

Circulating rumors say that Jinsu hit Jasmine; which was later confirmed with Jasmine’s mom, Bernadette, tweeting “When u truly love someone u have to have trust, honesty, loyalty,..never let a man hit u! That’s not love! U need someone who will support u“.

However, Jinsu quickly denied these allegations when questioned by a fan.

We have one source that said police were involved in one incident. Every day this relationship seems even  more TOXIC! It’s obvious to us that Jasmine and her team are hiding something, but we never thought it would be this bad. This relationship is just screaming Sammie&Ronnie.

Bernadette even wants to take a lie detector to prove to everyone that she is telling the truth. We believe her, but we’re just going to wait and see what happens. For now we will be praying for Jasmine and her family.

For anyone reading this know that love is not abuse. LOVE IS RESPECT! If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship visit http://www.loveisrespect.org/ for help.



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  1. When your inlove with someone sometimes it might be hard to leave them even after they hurt you. But every woman deserves respect and no man should hit a woman under nosircustances. That is just simply not acceptable.

  2. Jasmine really needs to get rid of jinsu he’s not good for her she can do so much better than him he causes way to much drama

  3. Unknown, how do you know this? You believe jdrew or ream or whatever just because his side was a song? That’s honestly stupid.

    All I observed is that the people surrounding Jasmine are pretty horrible. Jinsu has no problem showing himself to be an a-hole and Idancebz is almost (if Jin hitting Jas is true) worst. He’s constantly getting into twitter fights, yet is antibullying LOL. He and Jin both call women slurs and threaten them, and Jasmine tweeted that calling women out of their names shows your true character. So why are you hanging around these people, Jas? Her career is going down the drain before it actually takes off.

    I hope Jasmine gets her ish together before it’s too late. No matter what, her family will always be there and she has a lot of fans who care about her even when she doesn’t care about them. That’s real love.

  4. No.
    You guys are WRONG.
    Jasmine belongs w/ Jinsu.
    It was proven that Jinsu never laid a hand on Jasmine.
    It was a LIE.
    The truth was that Jasmine’s mom was the one who abused and used her!
    So stop saying Jinsu isn’t good for her because HE IS.
    They deserve eachother.
    Jinsu didn’t abuse her in any way, IT WAS HER OWN MOTHER.
    I believe in Jinsu.
    He would never do such a thing.

  5. No.
    You guys are WRONG.
    Jasmine belongs w/ Jinsu.
    It was proven that Jinsu never laid a hand on Jasmine.
    It was a LIE.
    The truth was that Jasmine’s mom was the one who abused and used her!
    So stop saying Jinsu isn’t good for her because HE IS.
    They deserve eachother.
    Jinsu didn’t abuse her in any way, IT WAS HER OWN MOTHER.
    I believe in Jinsu.
    He would never do such a thing.

      • When Did She Say That Jinsu Hitz Her? Because JDrew And Her Said That Their Mother Abuses Them

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  6. Wow.
    Her mother lied and used Jasmine and even abused her and you guys are taking HER SIDE?!
    I always believed in Jinsu and yeah, i was right.
    Jinsu never laid a single finger on Jasmine because HE LOVES HER.
    Now, you guys can choose whatever side you want but just know that Jinsu never hurted her.
    He never did.
    I believe in him.
    He never did.

  7. Jdrew probly wanted to confuse us by puttin a song on youtube telling a fake life of jasmine v just to make Jinsu feel bad witch he should and Jasmine probly didn’t want her bussiness everywhere

      • the truth is they both did the new song “didnt mean it” is bout jinsu abousing her in sexual ways so yh watch the video nd see for your self

    • I dont get why you people think what (They where trying to do) You actually don’t know who’s lieing or not because unless there is a vid of jas,jinsu,jdrew saying it was a joke then really yall should shut the whole in your face.

  8. nahhh Jinsu hit Jasmine I heard it from her mouth, not from all yahh people saying different shit. Go and search it #POINT BLANK (psss all yahh morenitas saying madd mielda) Thats right Dominican style ❤

  9. well jinsu still dat mofo and jasmine still dat mofo she got talent and he he do to so everybodyy stfuuu!!!! #team jinsu & #team jasmine

  10. Read this… >_>

    So people are talkin, causin a ruckus
    About how disrespectful, ungrateful me and Jas are becomin
How we treat our mom, how were just so wrong

    Because she’s on Twitter tweetin about how she is so done
I’m tired of all the questions, all the shit bein said
That ya’ll can’t believe that we could treat her like this
Sendin tweets and DMs, assumin that it’s all true
Now Imma ask, yes, I got some questions for you

    What would you do if your mom lied straight to your face

    Said you were gettin no money but stole 3 grand from your bank
Tellin her kids she has cancer, to prevent a divorce
Then scams all your friends and fam, with not an ounce of remorse

    Sayin that it’s for kimo, but no treatment at all

    Man I prayed every night, for her sickness to be solved

    What would you do? Then findin out there’s no cancer at all

    Can you imagine how we felt hearin this all?

    Or what about when we were starving at home

    No food in the kitchen, we were all skin and bones

    Crying for food,
 but she’d rather buy some cigarettes and spend her time all day gossipin on the phone

    How would you feel if you found your sister with bruises
Not from her boyfriend, but our mother bein abusive

    Pullin her hair, slappin her face — callin her a slut
When my mom forced my sister on boys when she was young
Threatening if she didn’t, she’d never go out
But my sister is wrong for finally speakin out?

    What would you do? How would you feel?

    She even has our own fans against us askin what’s the deal

    What would you do if your mom took the word of the Lord

    And used it as a weapon against you to win a war

    Ya’ll saying shit to my sister, Jinsu and my dad
When the real person responsible ya’ll havin her back

    That shit is sad, do you even know what it’s like?
To be destroyed by your mother who’s winnin with lies?

    Bringin ppl in when they know the truth

    Witnessed my sister beaten by the hands of the side that they choose

    One day I’ll never forget is when she put up a fist
Tried to swing at my sister and I took the hit

    My dad drove 5 hours to protect her from harm

    Then she kicked me out, ‘cause defendin my sister was wrong

    CPS got involved, Jas was threatened to lie

    They told my dad he’d lose his kids if he’d give it another try

    What would you do? This is why it’s our coldest heartbreak

    Jas turning 18 was her greatest escape
But now that she’s free, she’s doin whatever it takes
For us to break, but we’re wrong for the shit that we say?

    Don’t tell me we’re stupid for bringin drama to Twitter

    When my mom started this by lying that Jinsu hits her
She’ll do anything, by all means anything to win
Including breaking the hearts of her own damn kids

    Eminem bashes his mom, poor him

    But if our mom tells lies to make us look bad, it’s fuck them
Manipulative as ever, deserves a damn Oscar
Is this even worth it? Should I even bother?

    She’ll deny it, cry tears like she really cared

    This wasn’t told for pity but just to be fair
This is the last Imma speak of this, just know that I’m done
Ya’ll can decide which story and side to choose from

    What would you do?
    (Yeah) What would you do huh?
    And I’m gone

  11. FUCK OFF PEOPLE!!!….
    JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I hate drama! :/ Just 4get it okay?!!! Sheesh I hate this stupid sh*t website!! Ahhhh….. See ya world…. 😦
    My phone # …. 805-363-9679

  12. I’m shoked knowing this happened to jasmine she’s way to pretty and strong this is not fair for a hardworking girl but we are here for her jazz ❤

  13. VEveryone like jasmine said leave her alone stop say everything shes says is a lie she is tell u the truth and ppl Jasmine is a good person her and jinsu have talent so i go #Jasmine and #jinsu 🙂 ur not in her life so u dnt noe anything like she does so everyone stfu:-) thank u

  14. You all just need 2 leave jasmine alone! you guys are jus causing even more drama! she has been through ALOT and she is probably trying not to cause more drama !

  15. Well who abused her and were r the pics man I love her she is my fav singer and she’s really really talented and really funny my name is Alyssa and please tell me what is going on cuz I’m comfoused

    • The pics are on google.com/Images____________ (:. Jasmine released a vid about Jinsu hitting her for the last year, and she had an interview. But way before that, Jdrew (Jasmine’s bro) Released a vid about how there mom was when they where kids (Bad) and how she lies :/ (True). Then later he deleted the vid because actually jinsu was hitting her. Jasmine kept it queit for the longest time. It is now proven true in 2013 Jinsu and Jasmines mom did hit jasmine. Now (2013) Jinsu is doing his own thing (Stupid) and Jasmine is recoverying with Jdrew and J’Mom (Sadly). Jasmine is staying strong and i dont blame her for not getting out sooner. No one can judge her just because of what happened or Jdrew because you never been in that same position. If you don’t believe is Jasmine, Please dont believe in Jinsu. To me i dont think this is the last we will hear of Jinsu, Jasmine, Jdrew or etc. There will be more and i WILL follow -Your welcome____(Ashley Jett) (:

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