Trouble in Paradise


Lately it seems like couple Jasmine & Jinsu have been in paradise together. However that isn’t the case. Like every couple they have their ups and downs.

Jinsu was shooting a video for his song Insecure yesterday. Yesterday on Twitter, January 15th, Jasmine bitterly tweeted, “That moment when he puts another girl in his video instead of you #sad“. She later deleted the tweet within minutes.

She later tweeted, “Being upset is diff from bein hurt..I’m upset with you but I’m hurt that you can’t tell the difference..” which sounded like it was directed at Jinsu in our opinions. But who really knows?

Later Jasmine also tweeted, “If you can’t trust em leave em *shrugs*”.

Is Jasmine finally calling it quits on this relationship?

Hold back your screams of joy!

The next morning Jasmine tweeted, “Talking it out really helps..sometimes my emotions get in the way but you never fail to wipe the tears off my face..I love u for that 🙂“. Maybe the couple is working through these minor bumps in their relationship.

Do you think Jasmine & Jinsu can make this relationship work?



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