i’m their BEST friend!


This just end Joe Jiroux(@JJiroux) is Jasmine V. and Justin Bieber’s BEST friend! NOT!

I think this deserves the legendary “Awww C’mon!” in our Ryan Good’s voice.

We have never wanted to be one of those blogs that expose people, but this just has to be said.

Some of you may have heard of this guy when he tweeted Jasmine saying “@JASMINEVILLEGAS ACTUALLY CHEATED ON JIN POOR GUY”. Jasmine replied to the lie saying “don’t spread rumors especially when its not true lmao atleast we know were it starts lol”.

Then Joe continues to carry on his lie until finally he apologizes. Later he sent us a message on twitter saying that he was trying to work things out with Jasmine and that he was “texting her earlier”. He then goes on to tweet Jasmine’s fans saying that Jasmine had forgave him and that they were friends again. He then asks for Jasmine’s help saying “@JASMINEVILLEGAS can you tell ppl I said I am sorry. And that me and you are friends again please.. I just wanna 4get what happened please,” which would be so sweet if he actually knew Jasmine.

Now this Joe guy, if that’s his real name, is claiming to be Justin Bieber’s best friend. He tweeted Dan Kanter, Justin’s musical director, asking him to follow him, because he’s one of Justin’s best friends. This is of course another lie!

Don’t believe us? Just check his old tweets when he says that Justin and Selena are no longer dating. That doesn’t sound like much of a best friend huh? When will the lies stop?

This blog is basically so you all know NOT to believe Joe’s lies. I know some of you had some doubts, and we wanted to put them to rest. Joe Jiroux is just another groupie begging for attention. Don’t believe everything you hear.


If there’s something you want to hear about on our blog you can tweet us, direct message us, or simply leave a comment below. We promise we will take a look at what you say, and maybe even blog about it.


just be HONEST!

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