Jasmine V. Moves Out


Jasmine(@JASMINEVILLEGAS) has decided she is ready to move out of her family’s house, and into her very own apartment. Rumors have said that her boyfriend, Jinsu, will also be living with the up and coming singer.

However after searching around a bit we think there may have been some other reasons behind Jasmine moving out on her own. Apparently Jasmine and her mom, Bernadette(@bernadettevales), have had a few arguments concerning Jasmine’s “friends”. Mainly Jasmine’s boyfriend, Jinsu. Bernadette like many of us, including some die-hard Jasminators, feel that Jinsu is using Jasmine. He’s basically living off of her, because he has no money of his own.

One source says Jasmine is paying for their new place all by herself. Looks like Jasmine’s mom is just completely done with Jinsu. Though it’s no surprise, especially after a friend of Jasmine’s (possibly Rob or Jinsu) deleted her old Twitter.

This information was a little hard for me to digest at first until I looked at the evidence. Jasmine already spends plenty of money on Jinsu.  Just take a look at what she got him for his last birthday.


We just hope that every thing turns out good for Jasmine. Her career is going amazing at this moment, and we just hope she isn’t surrounded by people who are going to bring her down. Friends are like elevators, some will take you up, while others bring you down.



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