Meaning of Blue Ivy?


After finding out the name of Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s much anticipated baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, social media sites were buzzing with craziness.

There has been some speculation about why Beyoncé and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The rumors are ALL over Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites!

Some say that the name Blue stands for Born Living Under Evil and that Ivy stands for Illuminati’s Very Youngest.

Not likely!

We also saw another rumor that seems more accurate.

The real reason her name is Blue is because it’s Jay-Z’s favorite color and from his albums The Blueprint. Her middle name Ivy stands for IV which is the roman numerals for four. Four is a number very special to Beyoncé. Now people can stop making up stupid untrustworthy gossip.



just be HONEST!

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