Demi vs. Disney


The claws are out and nothing was off limits! Demi Lovato has lounged attack against her former employer, Disney Channel.

After catching an OLD episode of Shake It Up Demi angrily tweeted her disgust of a joke from the show. In the episode an actress playing a  supermodel said “I could just eat you up, well if I ate” to Rocky(Zendaya) & Cece(Bella Thorne). She goes on to bash the company with the help of some loyal fans.

We’re happy that Demi is taking a stand, but it seems kind of late since these episode are so old. We love Demi for standing up for her beliefs, BUT…

Demi you went about this in the wrong way sweetheart!

Don’t worry we can help you. We will tell you what you did wrong with the help of some tweets we found.

First, Don’t ever slap the hand that feeds you! Disney gave you a chance with the help of your BFF, Selena Gomez. Without that pedestal you wouldn’t have achieved the success you’ve enjoyed.

Second, why would you take such a delicate issue to Twitter. Why not talk to Disney personally and discuss your concerns?

Third, think before you speak. Obviously you know that Disney is NOT trying to make fun of such a serious situation. They would never do that and give kids the wrong impression. The jokes were meant to be funny, though admittedly they came across wrong. Your totally right when you said “EATING DISORDERS ARE NOT SOMETHING TO JOKE ABOUT”, but you need to know that’s a conversation you have with Disney NOT Twitter!

Fourth, you have lots of friends at Disney. Think how that makes them feel when you call out a company that they are apart of right now or in the past. Your burning bonds which we all know is dangerous!

Even the newer Disney starlets had enough sense to stay away from your rant. When someone tweeted Zendaya, who is a member of the Shake It Up cast, saying “Demi going ham on Disney, On shake it up you guys said something about eating”. Zendaya replied like a pro “#keepitpositive im a big fan of@ddlovato :)”.

Demi is just digging a hole that she won’t make it out of in our opinions. The fans have even split. Some are taking offense, believing that Demi is bashing skinny girls. They are whipping back things like “There’s nothing wrong with being skinny. Not everyone who is skinny has a eating disorder, maybe they just can’t help it.(@JBiebss4everr )”.

Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret. -Dr. Laurence J. Peter



*UPDATE* Disney Channel has apologized to Demi Lovato via Twitter. They are currently in the process of evaluating & removing any content that they felt was offensive. See Demi they NEVER intended any offense, but you could’ve gotten the same reaction by just talking to Disney before this Twitter rant!


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  1. Okay firstly, I have to admit that even at the best of times Demi can be quite temperamental. At the same time, you also have to take into consideration the fact that she’s bipolar and that she has been through hell and back over the past few years. I know this doesn’t excuse her lashing out over twitter but you have to consider all aspects of the situation.

    Secondly, I think she was 100% in the right to raise this issue publicly as it is a problem that badly needs to be addressed. Most actresses ARE far too thin, and 90% of the time it’s not just down to ‘good genes’ or ‘a fast metabolism’. That is codswallop.
    Young girls look up to these actresses and aspire to be *just* like them. I work in a stage school and have personally had children as young as 8 tell me they wished they were as pretty and skinny as Bella Thorne and Selena Gomez. (I’m not criticsizing those actresses in particular for their weight, I’m just using examples ) All it can take is a simple comment, like the one aired in Shake It Up, for a young girl (or boy) to make that link in their minds between ‘supermodel’/beautiful/actress and thin/not eating. Its no wonder that the amount of children under the age of 10 hospitalised with eating disorders has more than doubled in the last few years!
    In my opinion Disney were extremely foolish to add something like that to their scripts. Sure people have been making inappropriate jokes about taboo subjects practically since the age of the dinosaurs! But Disney is a *children’s* network, and people don’t realise what a huge influence and how much power it can have over today’s youth! By speaking up about this issue, regardless of how late it was after the episode originally aired, Demi was nipping this problem in the bud, and by doing it publicly she fully ensured that Disney will never make that mistake again! By tweeting about it she raised awareness of the incident to millions of people worldwide which is something that badly needs to be done! It’s even more effective as she herself left Disney due to too much pressure after her own Eating Disorder became public. And yet they still made jokes about the same illness on not only Shake It Up but Demi’s own ex show SWAC. Personally I found what Disney did was disgusting, especially as it’s a children’s network, and I’m SO glad Demi called them up on it!

    • The biggest difference between Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber is personality… Meaning that Austin has one.. If you watch his videos and his Keeks, you see his genuine sense of humor, his love for fun, all of it! Austin hangs out with his mom and grandparents and they all keep him humble. He’s always with his friends (Alex, Robert, Zach, Cameron, etc.etc.) acting like a regular kids messing around with his friends. (Does Justin even have regular friends…?) Austin’s always modest and gracious, never going a day without telling us Mahomies how much he loves us; he doesn’t carry himself in the cocky douchebag manner like Justin does.

  2. I uesd to like Demi before she changed,but NOW THIS!!! I am a HUGE fan of Zendaya and Bella and Shake It Up,and that joke was NOT meant to be hurtful.I’m skinny,but I don’t think that the joke was offensive.

    • Disney may not have intended for the joke to be hurtful, but the fact is it was insensitive and tasteless.
      And I’m not trying to be rude here, but I think you’re missing the point. Of course the joke wouldn’t be hurtful to someone who is just skinny. The people who were hurt by it are those who have battled with eating disorders or those who have lost a loved one to eating disorders.

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