Demi’s Daring Dance!


Recently we’ve seen some very mixed emotions about Demi Lovato’s mini tour “A Special Night With Demi Lovato”. Apparently many people are concerned about Demi’s dancing. Some of her dance moves in songs like “Who’s That Boy” and “Hold Up” are NOT getting the best feedback right now. Obviously Demi is growing up. From what we saw Demi’s dancing was a lot sexier than what we’re used to from her old events. We know their are many people who dislike this newer version of Demi, but we LOVE it! Demi has grown up a lot and she wants to show it. We’re glad she’s switching up her look a little to show off her curves. Also we know Demi worked extremely hard on this dance, and it shows. We’re not entirely sure that all the moves fit Demi, but we loved the show.

Oh YEAH, we forgot to mention Demi’s concert was AWESOME! She totally rocked the stage! Unlike many different celebs Demi didn’t just walk around the stage, she WERKed it! Demi really did put on a show for us. The audience didn’t just watch her walk around the stage. She kept her audience entertained like a PRO! The onstage skits were adorable, and at the end she brought out her crew to show off.(Her dancers were AMAZING!)

Leave us a comment & tell us what you think of the NEW Demi Lovato.



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