A day after the EMA’s Scooter Braun takes to Twitter saying “your 15 min is almost up…but it wont end there. Im coming after all of u. There r consequences for your actions. sick people in this world”. We obviously think this was directed to Mariah Yeater. It looks like Team Bieber are about to shut this young mother down once and for all. They are showing that they have no fear, and Justin will be taking a paternity test if he hasn’t already. Team Bieber plans to make Mariah eat her lies! Not even the money she probably received for her interviews will be able to pay for this lawyer bill coming her way. Mariah is about to grow up real quick as if her three month old baby boy Tristyn wasn’t enough trouble in her life.

Stick it to her Scooter! People have got to learn you can’t just spread lies about whoever & whatever you want without consequences!



just be HONEST!

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