Woah! Now we’ve seen it all. While watching the MTV EMA’s(Europe Music Awards) live a NAKED GUY ran on the stage while Hayden Panettiere was announcing. I was like WHAT THE HELL! Are you kidding me MTV?

Obviously it was planned. Why do you think we say it was planned?

1) Security didn’t chase him off stage.

2) Camera men didn’t cut to something else.

3) Hayden Panettiere was not flustered at all, but kept talking to him.

4) The guy didn’t keep running, but started talking normally to Hayden.

That was definitely planned by the MTV EMA’s. I was completely disgusted by what I saw. The only reason I didn’t stop viewing was because Selena Gomez was hosting. #REALTALK

MTV EMA’s do you know how many kids were watching your show? That wasn’t a bright thing to do at all!

Tell us what you thought of the NAKED GUY! (We know from Twitter that a lot of beliebers were wishing it was Justin Bieber.)



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  1. “Disgusted” by a naked human being? You’ve got some SERIOUS problems ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me guess… American? ^^

    But then again… GOD will safe you anyway, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • what a dick!! 1. if YOU liked that then it s obvious that U are the one who s got some serious problems.. and 2. this show was hosted by SELENA GOMEZ and had perfomances by artists like justin bieber for example.. which means that there were really really really young people watching this.. got it??
      and i m not an american so don t start with that shit.. jesus!

  2. I watched the first half of the show alone, in my room, and the other half i watched it with my mom. The guy appeared and i was like “…are you kidding me?…was it really necessary?”

    • So now its mtv’s problem that you have a disturbed relationship to sexuality?
      And this was ema and here in europe people have already begun to start thinking, maybe you wanna join the thinking people and understand that being naked is not disgusting but natural. Being stupid is disgusting so please put some brain on. Thank you.

      • Do you think that this naked guy maked the show more interesting? I was saying that that guy could’ve missed from the show.
        I wrote that on google just to see what was the point with him. I didn’t plan to start a fight with someone. & I really don’t have a problem with that guy, but for me that naked thing wasn’t such a good idea.
        Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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