baby daddy drama!


Let’s call MAURY or even JERRY SPRINGER since the beliebers are attacking!

Reports of an alleged lawsuit against camp Bieber has surfaced. A young girl, Mariah Yeater, is claiming that Justin Bieber is the father to her three month old baby. Her story is that basic Bieber story, kind of like something you would find on Dirty Bieber Secrets before it was shutdown. The girl claims that she had sex with Justin at a concert when he had told security to bring her backstage.

I think we should analyze the story!

1st– Mariah is TWENTY years old, and Justin is SEVENTEEN! A baby has a nine month wait before birth, and Mariah’s baby is already three months old. That would have made Justin SIXTEEN at the time, and Mariah NINETEEN! Isn’t that illegal?

2nd– Mariah’s grandfather is claiming that she’s telling the truth, because she’s “an honest good person”. If she’s such a good person why was she ALLEGEDLY partying, drinking, and having SEX with a boy she didn’t even know?

3rd– If Justin was lying wouldn’t he just ignore the rumors and leave them alone? Instead Justin & his team are fiercely pursuing the allegations. I mean Justin’s name is on the line! His relationship with his girlfriend is on the line! HIS REPUTATION IS ON THE LINE!

Our prediction is the girl is LYING! If she was so honest, and telling the truth why didn’t she announce this when she was pregnant with her baby? Now she’s only looking for some air play. Once her five minutes of fame are over we’ll never hear from this girl again. Honestly we can’t wait to hear the repercussions of this whole crazy incident. Just imagine how much Mariah got paid for those pictures of her and her baby that these magazines have published.

JB if people start giving you a hard time just say “that baby don’t look like me!”



@MariahYeater20 is a FAKE account that was created less than 24 hours ago. The real Mariah Yeater has no Twitter nor Facebook account! #DON’TbeFOOLED


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