Selena&Justin date night!


oooh! We get on Twitter to see that there’s this big uproar about Justin & Selena getting a little “handsy” on their hockey date. We’re like this is going to be so scandalous, and then we see the pictures.


Are you kidding me? Now these crazy people are just making drama over nothing! We’re sure you saw the St.Lucia pictures and others, but you choose to yell about these. These pictures aren’t that bad at all. I mean come on people they’re both wearing these HUGE jerseys anyways. We’re sure Justin can’t feel Selena’s butt, and she probably can’t feel his! haha 🙂 Like seriously!

Yesterday when pictures of their date came it was “cute” and “adorable”. Then someone decided to make a little drama and say that they were grabbing each other’s butts. Get over yourselves! We love Justin & Sel but lately people are jumping over everything to tear these two down. Get a life, because we’re tired of hearing the hate. LONG LIVE JELENA!



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