This just end…reportedly Selena Gomez has a STALKER! Yes you heard us right, this teen pop sensation now has a serious death threatening stalker! Looks like JB’s gonna need to beef up the security on his Disney princess.

No, this isn’t some fluke. Her stalker’s name is Thomas Brodnicki, and he has a long history of stalking. He allegedly told his shrink that he was going to kill Selena after having conversations with God about the matter. Thomas has already made some failed attempts at meeting Sel. Even LAPD detectives are warranting this threat serious and taking the necessary precautions.

Selena’s fans had their own thoughts on the hacker:

“I think Selena’s stalker is plain out pyschotic. Selena’s only 19, and still has a whole lot to accomplish in life on top of her achievements she has already. I’m totally worried about Selena, and if I were her, I’d be dead scared. If anything happened to her, if he harmed her, I’d be more than ever angry. That guy must sit alone and have no life if he finds entertainment in taking somebody’s life. It’s messed up. Selena Gomez is a true beautiful role model, who deserves nothing but protection, love, and care.”

This is completely true. Some people are making light of this situation, but it’s nothing to take light. This is a serious threat on Sel’s life. Our prayers are with you Sel, STAY SAFE!


Thanks @SimplySFans & @SelenaStayer for helping us with this blog! These Twitter’s are some real Selenators & took part in the Selena TT when all her fans found out about the stalker.


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  1. Selena is an amazing young woman, who doesn’t need some f****d-up-fool raining on her parade. To be honest these mad mental men feel bad about themselves, so they make other peoples’ lives hell; just so they feel better.
    Cool Website by the way TRUTHISHOUT. 🙂

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