Cody Simpson’s new manager?!?


Wait STOP the presses! Apparently Scooter Braun is Cody Simpson’s manager. Weknow, we know we’re super late!

Lately We’ve been on Twitter, and all these simpsonizers(Cody’s fans) have been talking crap about Scooter saying things like “Let Cody Be Cody” and “don’t turn him into Justin Bieber”.

Well let’s clear some things up right now. We like Cody Simpson, but some of his fans are totally out of hand right now. Cody wanted Scooter to be his manager even though he has one already. Matt Graham is Cody’s manager, but obviously he wants that Justin Bieber type of fame or why else would he hire Scooter Braun?

Simpsonizers need to STOP! Scooter Braun has never intentionally changed the type of person Justin was he just helped him become a better person. If Cody changes that will be his choice. Cody and Justin are two very different people, but also very talented.

Also to those Simpsonizers saying they don’t want Cody to be like Justin, because Justin’s “fake” and Scooter just wants “money” you can SHUT the *beep* UP! If you want us to be honest then Cody already copies Justin’s style a little bit.

First there’s not many white boys that can dougie, and Justin Bieber is one of the freakin’ best! Cody Simpson attempts to dougie, but it’s an ultimate failure. Sorry we like Cody, but his dougie is just not that great. His little sister, Alli, has a cute dougie though. Anyways Cody is talented, but his dancing needs a little work.

Simpsonizers you should be happy Scooter is Cody’s manager. Maybe he’ll finally get the recognition we all know he deserves. Cody’s a great artist, and Scooter’s just going to help showcase his talent. Now back up off our boy Scooter Braun before we unleash the beast!



just be HONEST!

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