All Grown Up


“All grown up I really wanna shout it out…every birthday my mom&dad would say your another year older another wiser but I still go to school to get an education…” Oh how I love the Rugrats theme song!

Lately it seems like everyone is growing up. Recently the beautiful Jasmine Villegas visited Popstar Magazine for an interview. The magazine posted a picture of Jasmine from 2010 and the one from yesterday. Looks like Jas has gotten her tan on, and she was looking gorgeous. Jasmine isn’t what caught our eye in the picture, nope, it’s the magazine she was holding in both photos.

Looks like Jasmine isn’t the only one that’s grown up. From the looks of the magazine Justin is only looking better with time. Selena Gomez, Justin’s girlfriend, is also on both magazines. Where’s Jasmine Villegas on the magazine? I don’t think she’s on there, ouch! Awww C’mon!

Keep WERKIN’ it girl and one day your picture will be on EVERY magazine! You won’t be able to go through a store without seeing your face. Little advice though leave the childish things behind they will only bring you down. As you grow up you will find out that some people just shouldn’t be in your life. Best of luck figuring out who these people are.



just be HONEST!

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