Troy Davis vs. Justice System


A march in support of Troy Davis.

Today millions of people broke into uproar over the Troy Davis case. If you haven’t heard Troy Davis is a man who was executed September 21, 2011 for the murder of police officer, Mark MacPhail. Yesterday was his fourth and final execution date. His attornies were able to appeal for more time, but that only lasted a couple of hours. Yesterday was actually my first time hearing the case, but I was so entranced I began to read many articles over his hearing, and basically whatever I could find. After seeing all the evidence I have absolutely no clue how this man was sentenced to the death penalty! The details do not add up. The case against Davis was very weak. Seven of the nine eyewitnesses actually recanted their testimonies, no murder weapon was recovered, and a overwhelming lack of evidence assisted in this persecution. How did this man serve about 20years in prison and face death row? That beats even some of our top scholars. This is just another nail in the coffin of our justice system. The fact that it came so soon after the controversial Casey Anthony trial is just a coincidence. A coincidence that a woman with so much evidence against her serves THREE years while a man with little evidence serves TWENTY years and the death penalty. The people’s faith in our justice system has surely been shaken.

Everywhere I turned people were outraged by the Troy Davis trial. Social networking sites were exploding. On September 21, 2011 there were as many as 5 trending topics in support of Troy Davis. The reactions to the justice system were unbelievable.

It looks like we all agree that our “justice” system has once again failed. Notice I put quotations around the word justice, because I feel that the system is not worthy of the name Justice when it has not delivered upon it’s promise.

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