Jasmine V. disappoints


Well basically we just saw the Jasmine V. new music video Just A Friend, and we were disappointed. If you read the previous post “Family Feud!” you probably think we just don’t like Jasmine and we’re only being stupid, but we’re not. When Jasmine released her song Just A Friend we LOVED it, and so did everyone else. The song was trending on Twitter for over 24hours, and got major hype when another ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber’s, Caitlin Beadles, retweeted some song lyrics. Even without the insinuation that the song was directed at Justin it was a major hit. Believe us when we say we LOVED this song. Her fans could not wait for the music video to come out. We just watched the music video about 15min. ago and were really disappointed in what we saw. Compared to Jasmine’s other music videos this just did not make the cut. They picked a great place to shoot the video, but Jasmine was just over dramatic. We understand that all artists have to over exaggerate in music videos to get the point across. However, Jasmine acted as if she were just singing infront of the mirror. Also the message in the video got jumbled. She was singing about a guy lying about her being “just a friend”, but in the video it was unclear.

"music-wise I see myself as like a baby Rihanna­..."

Another thing that we considered a little risque was Jasmine’s clothing choice. Jasmine is seventeen, and she has her own unique style. We know she likes to take risks, but she has to understand that her fanbase ranges from ages 9 to 16. What type of message does she want to send? Personally this is one thing we disagree on. One of us believes that Jasmine should cover it up, and set a better example for girls her age. The other believes that Jasmine should embrace her curves, and show it off to a certain extent anyways.

Did you like Jasmine’s music video for Just A Friend?


P.S.-In the remix Jasmine’s bro Jream is featured, but with all the family drama going on lately don’t expect to see any live performances with these two anytime soon.


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  1. First of all jas doesn’t chose what she gets to wear in music videos second of all the music video was awesome don’t think that anyone will care what u think of the video they only care what themselves think of the video so no point of wasting ur time on non sense and jasmine is awesome third of all how old are u guys u sound 9 or 10 oh and it’s not jasmines responsibility to tell kids what they should do or wear or not its the fucking PARENTS responsibility it’s not her job her job is to follow her dreams she’s still young so leave her alone SMH TBH you guys sound so pathitic Peace out #Jasminator & #Justmine Forever

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