family feud!


Hello world, welcome to the brand new edition of FAMILY FEUD! If you didn’t already know Family Feud is a game show that puts two different families against each other to win money. Well yesterday via Twitter the new internet version of Family Feud premiered with Jasmine Villegas and her family. However they put a little twist on this family feud.

Apparently Jasmine, Jinsu, and Rob got sent a forwarded text that ALLEGEDLY Jream was sending around. Jinsu posted the text on his twitter which said ” just want to inform you to please not affiliate me with the likes of rob swanson jinsu, or jasmine V. thank you.”

After this Jasminators & Jreamers were in a frenzy! Everyone was taking sides. Things were said that shouldn’t of been said. Jasmine, Jinsu, and Rob are choosing to believe what they see, and declaring themselves family. Jasmine even posted a few tweets about brothers that was undoubtedly aimed at Jream. Things looked pretty bad, but Jream and Jasmine’s mom intervined to take up for her son. Then things got a little heated between her and Rob. I will not repeat them on here, but we’re a little in shock of it all. We know that things are a little crazy right now, but Rob had no right to talk to Jasmine’s mom like that. It was even more surprising that Jasmine didn’t stick up for her mom even though she felt the need to retweet the text BS about Jream. Personally we feel that this was just inappropriate for twitter. Work out your family problems at home people! Major props to Jream for choosing not to participate in this argument saying “I’m sorry for the drama and personal business on Twitter, I’m not gna bash anyone. This is between me and them, I’m sorry everyone.” Take notes Jasmine&Jinsu.

Another issue we ran into is why Jasmine would choose to not believe her family, her bloodline. Why would she just forget about her family so quick, and stick with people who are so dispensible in her life? It’s become clear that the family is siding with Jream. Even one of Jasmine’s biggest fans is taking Jream’s side.

Things aren’t always what they seem. We realize that we don’t know EVERYTHING that’s going on with this family, but they are FAMILY! Even if Jream and Jasmine hate each other they should know better than to air out their dirty laundry on Twitter. Well of course being a blog site we LOVE to air out other people’s dirty laundry, but when you do it yourself you just take the fun out of it for everyone. #GETitTOGETHER or atleast keep it off of Twitter.


P.S. Jinsu through all of this drama I hear you telling every Jream was just living off of Jasmine’s success. Well first of all Jasmine has yet to hit real success! Yes, Jasmine is talented but she’s still working her way to the top. You keep saying that Jream is living off of his sister’s success when your really the one living off her success. Jream constantly supports his sister, and they are family so why wouldn’t they support each other? Your the one sticking around for the ride. Don’t be mad Jream is getting some playtime while your still on the sidelines.


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