Jay-Z and Kanye VMA’s crashed?!?


I’m not sure as of right now, but I am currently watching the VMA’s. Jay-Z and Kanye West are performing their hit song “Otis” and I see someone on stage, but they get grabbed before they could get near Kanye or Jay-Z. I’m not to sure right now, because it was kind of in the background. Kanye and Jay-Z were smashing their VMA performance, and it looks like someone jumped on stage. I guess karma is finally catching up to Kanye. Maybe it was Taylor Swift who jumped on the stage! haha(:

We all know that security at these things are horrible! I’ll tell you more when I find out. For now tell me who you think it was that crashed Jay-Z and Kanye’s VMA performance.


*UPDATE* from what I said earlier. I FOUND THE PERFORMANCE ONLINE! Just fast forward to 1:15 and you’ll see a person crash Kanye and Jay-Z’s VMA performance!(There was a better quality video, but it was taken down due to the youtube user’s copyrighting infringement.)


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