belieber reality show?!?


Recently rumors of a Belieber(big fans of Justin Bieber) reality show have been circulating. Through the grapevine we hear that someone suggested this to MTV, but who knows this could just be another stupid rumor. Many beliebers want to see this happen, but obviously they have no clue what the show entails. The suggestion actually stemmed from someone wanting to see beliebers in a house with Jelena. Yes, someone wants to put Justin&Selena in a house with 10 crazed beliebers. Still want to see the show beliebers?

My reaction to this news was automatically “NO WAY!” I think this show is just another way to paint us beliebers in a bad light. Like we don’t already do that on our own! What would even be the purpose of a belieber reality show? Are they trying to keep their Bieber fever in check? What is the real purpose of a show like this? I mean they can’t be trying to date Justin seeing as he has a girlfriend.

After all the speculation of the show throughout Twitter a TT was made. Once the words “Belieber World” started trending worldwide it’s safe to say Justin’s 12million followers in counting want this show to happen.

Though even if a belieber show is in the works its highly unlikely that Selena&Justin will be moving into the belieber house. I’m sure that Selena enjoys living! haha(:

Would you watch the belieber reality show?


*UPDATE*-We know some girls on Twitter were saying they created the idea for Belieber World & were basically taking credit, but its not true. Their twitter name was @BieberATLbabes and apparently it was just some co-owner drama. I know many of you think Belieber World was just fake, but NO it’s not. Someone actually did send this idea to MTV over a week ago! It’s not very likely to be picked up or even taken seriously, but I just wanted to give you all the information.

Note to @BieberATLbabes the next time you decide to lie don’t tell people your flying to MTV studios in LA when it’s actually in New York! haha(: Also don’t tweet a photo you took while on an airplane when you actually stole it from Google! Whoops.


just be HONEST!

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