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Heard some pretty interesting talk lately. While watching the E! Special one night they were talking about young celebs. You know they had to talk about Justin Bieber seeing as he is one of the biggest teen celebs. Apparently Justin wants a porsche for his 18th birthday. Usher says “[Justin] wants a Porsche. He knows what he’s gotta do to get it.”

Yes, Justin knows exactly what he’s got to do to get his car. Our boy JB has been hitting the studio hard getting ready for his next album, Believe. The picture was tweeted by his manager when Justin was playing him some songs for the new album. Justin will definitely get his porsche.

Do you think a porsche is too expensive for Justin? Is this just too much of a change for Justin?

We don’t think it’s too much. Justin works a LOT. Why shouldn’t he enjoy the good life? He’s definitely not forgetting where he came from. He’s just enjoying where he’s going. Tell us what you think.



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