say what?


Recently while surfing the internet we’ve been hearing some pretty interesting rumors. We even stumbled upon a link that was supposedly evidence of Justin&Selena breaking up. The link was of a Fitzy & Wippa Podcast. Fitzy & Wippa is an Australian radio station. A podcast of their’s led some of you to believe Justin&Selena were over, because of a record phone call they played on air. In the phone call they asked Justin if he and Selena were over. Before they played the call they said “and it’s not an interview that he did with Ryan Seacrest.” (hint hint it’s an interview he did with Ryan Seacrest)

Interviewer:”Have you broken up with Selena Gomez?” Justin:”Yes” Interviewer:”And what’ll we tell all these people who say this is just a beat up and you’re actually still with her?” Justin:”Umm just tell’em uhh that she’s like one of my best friends.” You can listen to the rest of the podcast below. Just fast forward to 33:15 to get to Justin.

Long story short, Fitzy & Wippa edited a phone call Justin had on air with Ryan Seacrest. In the actual interview Ryan asked Justin what he should say when people asked about Justin & Selena’s relationship. Justin replied with “Umm just tell’em uhh that she’s like one of my best friends.”

That’s pretty much the end of that. Remember everything is not what it seems. Sometimes your very own ears can deceive you.



just be HONEST!

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