Derek Bieber?!?


Today I logged on to Twitter to see the name Derek Bieber trending. I’m like what? I was so lost it was actually kind of funny. Then I did a little snooping, and found the TMZ video of Justin talking to paparazzi. He was just walking and talking. As a joke Justin told him his name was Derek Bieber after the pap asked for confirmation on some rumors. The pap asked about the deal with American Airline to which Justin replied “I don’t think you should believe everything you hear, people make up stuff all the time. Supposedly I’m dead today.” When the pap asked where Justin was off to he jokingly replied his funeral. We found this hilarious! After giving the pap the run around on the rumors Justin finally declared his name was Derek and he didn’t know what the pap was talking about.



just be HONEST!

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