Alfredo’s “true love”


We are finally sick of hearing all of you saying that Alfredo is secretly dating Selena. We understand your suspicions seeing as he has many photos of Selena on instagram. I guess its time to present our theories. Just remember these are theories NOT facts!

Many of you are saying that it’s Alfredo&Selena who are dating, and Justin&Selena is just another cover up. Unsurprisingly we disagree with you all on this issue. Alfredo is travelling with Selena & the Scene on their We Own The Night Tour, but he’s working. Alfredo is basically making videos to document and promote Selena’s tour. Therefore they have to spend time together. Some of you are even saying that Selena is cheating on Justin with Alfredo. Whether you like Selena or not we all know Alfredo’s a good guy, and he would NEVER do that to Justin. Then you say well explain all the instagram pictures. Here’s our theory. We think it’s Selena’s friend Ashley that’s dating Alfredo. Notice in Alfredo’s instagram that most of the pictures of Selena are also with Ashley.

Ashley on the left...where's Selena?

Now this next photo is from Ashley’s instagram.

"My True Love."

We really think that Alfredo may be dating Ashley. They’re definitely hanging out a lot!

Now before we leave we just have to comment on another stupid rumor that is seriously bothering us. Apparently All Star Weekend did a video chat while on the We Own The Night tour and Cameron was no where to be SEEN! Keyword in that last sentence is SEEN. Just because some fans couldn’t see Cameron doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. He could’ve been in the bathroom, laying down, or who knows maybe hiding. Some people are saying just because Cameron wasn’t in the video chat that he was on Selena’s tour bus. Well I guess your not aware that there are MANY people on Selena’s tour bus. If Cameron was on Sel’s tour bus that means nothing. They are on tour together! While touring people change buses all the time. Stop making up ridiculous rumors to entertain yourselves. Cameron and Selena may have had a “thing” but it’s over. They are friends, and they’re touring, therefore they will hang out. Get over it! Justin’s obviously not worried, why should you be? Now we’ll leave you to ponder this quote.

“I don’t think you should believe everything you hear, people make up stuff all the time. Supposedly I’m dead today.” -Derek Bieber



just be HONEST!

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