Paige Speaks up!


Paige Conway came back to Twitter today to set the record straight. Some of you remember Paige as the belieber who met Justin on the Ellen show, and then by some strange luck was at the wedding he crashed. Well if you read some of our past blogs titled “believe it or not” and “lies or LIES?” you know that we supported Paige. When everyone was getting angry and saying rude thing we told them to calm down. When the alleged pictures surfaced of Paige in a tinychat we immediately said it was fake. ANYONE could join a tinychat saying they were Justin Bieber or Rihanna or anyone really.


Well today Paige came back on Twitter to finally clear things up all on her own. She posted an outrageously LONG twitlonger to clear the air. You can read it here. –>

Hopefully things will calm down now. Paige is just one lucky belieber. Jealous? We know, but there’s no need for insults and threats! Now you can all sleep happy knowing that:

1)Justin didn’t invite Paige to the TCA’s. She bought a ticket like so many others.

2)Paige did say some mean things about beliebers, but they were only jokes!

3)Paige was NOT in the tinychat!

The rest of your insecurities can’t be handled, because there’s no cure for jealousy.(But we’re working on a cure, because this disease affects sooo many people!)


just be HONEST!

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