Just A Friend (;


If you read our previous blog “Jasmine V. lipgloss?” you probably know that Jasmine Villegas has a new song called Just A Friend. Friday night Jasmine released her song Just A Friend, and the ladies went crazy! Nobody could deny this song when they heard it. Her jasminators started requesting it on the radio and it just took off! The song has been trending like ALL DAY! Even getting some support from another ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber. That’s right Caitlin Beadles. Caitlin retweeted Jasmine’s song lyric and did some quoting of her own.

I know your all thinking this is definitely about Justin, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Jasmine has a boyfriend she’s happy with and Justin has a girlfriend he’s happy with. STOP trying to read between the lines. There’s NOTHING going on between Justin and Jasmine…anymore!

Honestly we are loving this new song. However when is Jasmine going to release a album already or atleast a EP. I mean we know “practice makes perfect”, but seriously “time is money”. Just release a album. You either fail or succeed. Her song is doing amazing, but your going to have to wait til August the 20th for the video release. Jasmine’s team want this video to be unbelievable, and we’re sure it will be.



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