The web is buzzing, and by web we mean beliebers, with the picture Selena posted on Instagram. YES some of the crazed beliebers are at it again. Can you say JEALOUSY? People face the facts. Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber ARE dating whether you like it or not! If Selena wants to post a funny picture of Justin she can. Isn’t it becoming pretty obvious that they no longer care what anyone thinks about their relationship? For those of you who don’t know, Selena posted a funny picture of her trying to kiss a Justin Bieber cutout at the mall. You should know by now that some beliebers were #pessst about this. However when Justin posted a picture of himself in his Selena Gomez shirt he didn’t receive the same backlash. Another thing that seems to be angering beliebers is that Justin & Selena are both only following ONE person…each other. I think its adorable! Let them flaunt each other if they want its CUTE!

JB & Sel instagram

We know there’s lots of arguments about this couple, but most of them are ridiculous.

1) Publicity Stunt-We’ve thought about this alot, but we don’t believe the relationship is fake. Some of you even claim that Justin said the couple was fake. If that were true and this was a publicity stunt he would need the PUBLIC to believe it was real therefore why would he tell some fans that it was fake. He knows his fans can’t keep a secret!

2)Tumblr-Most of you say that Justin’s alleged tumblr and alleged DM’s to certain people say that the relationship is fake, but we doubt that Justin has a Tumblr. I mean seriously he’s working on new music, travelling, school, and tons of other things. He barely has time to update his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Where would he even find the time to keep a Tumblr account? If it is by some odd change Justin’s account it’s probably another lame hacker.

3)Cheating-Earlier there was nonsense about Justin texting his ex-girlfriend Jasmine V. which was totally bogus. Jasmine is happy with her boyfriend Jinsu like Justin is happy with Selena. Now some people are saying Selena is cheating on Justin with Joe Jonas. People even started tweeting a picture. No surprise it was another fake picture created by a hater. The original photos were Selena eating with her mom, and Joe eating at a cafe in California. The pictures even fooled us for a minute. You have to really look at them to catch the differences. Notice in the fake picture they flipped the photo, and now Joe is eating Selena’s mom’s food.


real photo of Joe

real photo of Sel&her mom

FAKE photo of Sel and Joe

The rest of the reasons some people call it fake are just inappropriate or plain ridiculous! I’m just not going to go into detail about some of the other reason. Just remember jealousy is a nasty disease. HATERS get over yourself!



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  1. wow this is absolute TRUE!!!! finally someone with some common sense who supports their relationship. We Jelenators gotta stick together. because alot of beliebers are just so desperate to break them up. im definatley tweeting this!

  2. I agree 100%! I read other stupid articles on “exposing Jelena” and it’s like are you fucking serious but this is the first page I read with no bullshit.

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