“A” on twitter???

“A” on twitter???

I’m sure most of you watch the show Pretty Little Liars. Well there’s now a “A” on Twitter going by @exposedbitches. In less than 24 hours this anonymous person had 100 followers. I know what your thinking, “What is the purpose of a ‘A’ on Twitter?” Well this “A” made it pretty clear that they had one thing on the agenda, and that was to destroy a group of girls. Specifically Monett(@AllTimeJustin), Kaylee(@AllForJustin), Justice(@JusticeNicolee), Tiffany(@LoveTiffanyAlex), Ana(@BelieberHoe), Imani(@BieberJetSetter), Yasmine(@TheBieberVoice), and Aujani(@DearestBelieber). The “A” has been posting personal info of all of these ladies. Even going so far as to make fun of one of the girls after exposing her illness saying “Hush lupus girl. Go get your grave ready. 😉 ~A”

Then goes on to taunt @AlwaysForJustin about being adopted. In which case she replied with pride “Yeah I’m fucking adopted, and damn proud of it to. If you have something to say about it, step forward, if not, sit the fuck down.”

“A” continues to argue with the ladies on Twitter. “A” is angering some to the point where they may take legal action arguing that she was cyberbullying. It’s clear that these ladies have some enemies now. However this group’s thousands of Twitter followers seemed to LOVE the drama! “A” even went on to give out half a phone number, and some more obnoxious things. It’s apparent to us that it’s someone close to the girls divulging their secrets. Who else would know so much juicy information? We even think it may be one of the girls themselves trying to tear down the others. I mean think about it like the movie Mean Girls. Regina George put her very own picture in the burn book to make it look like she didn’t do it. Either way it’s just another lesson these ladies are learning the hard way. Many of you are even saying that these ladies deserve the hatred since they constantly expose others and talk badly about your favorite celebs. We think “A” said some pretty rude things, but all is fair in LOVE HATRED and WAR! Though “A” has been pretty harsh we don’t think the police need to be involved. “Awww C’mon” isn’t that a little drastic?

Who do you think “A” is?


*Update*-“A” or @exposedbitches Twitter account has been suspended maybe we’ll never know who “A” truly was.


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