Jelena split?!?


In the last 24 hours another rumor has surfaced in the belieber/selenator world. Supposedly Justin & Selena are over after Justin texted his ex-girlfriend Jasmine Villegas. If you haven’t figured out yet this is complete bologna! It’s just another stupid rumor made up by drama-seekers. I mean c’mon people Justin Bieber apparently dies EVERY week! No way is Jelena over…yet anyways. If they were over Justin’s team would not take the time to keep supporting Selena on tour. We all should know by now this isn’t just some two week relationship. It’s not a publicity stunt. It’s definitely real, and some people just can’t handle that. Even Jasmine was outraged at this crazy rumor. Jasmine tweeted saying “Don’t involve me in the drama…I don’t even know what’s going on..I won’t ever be a home wrecker.. Bye”.

Jasmine V clears it up!

I think that’s enough proof for you, but if you insist I will go on. Just a few nights ago Justin was at Selena’s first concert for her tour We Own The Night. He stood on the sidelines and watched his girl shine like a true gentlemen. This relationship is definitely NOT over! Whether Justin and Jasmine are buddy-buddy now or not Selena has nothing to worry about. Both these teens are happy in their relationship.(Yes Jasmine is dating Jinsu) Though rumor say that Justin and Jasmine are texting I highly DOUBT it! She is dating the guy who has constantly dissed JB&Selena. Not to mention Jasmine has made it clear that Jinsu is not going anywhere! This is just another crazy rumor that got out of hand!


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  1. ur blog is the lamest thing ever. u just post ur opinions. u seem to have no sources so whats the point of making it seem like u have the truth

  2. and btw in that video justin looks awkward as hell, so if anything it helps the jelena haters who say it’s fake and whatnot.

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