We Own The Night


Yesterday, July the 28th, Selena kicked off her tour We Own The Night. After preparing endlessly for this tour the day had finally come. The concert was apparently a huge success from all the comments we heard online. However we got news that Selena may have had a small clothing malfunction at her first concert. Allegedly some fans saw Selena’s thong out during one of her performances. This caused much distress among crazed beliebers, but who really cares. Tons of girls wear thongs to get rid of panty lines or because they’re more comfortable. Like cry me a river! Selena looked fabulous on stage, and if that’s your only complaint you should get a life. If you plan on seeing this tour you will not regret it. She even rocked out in some purple! Now I’m sure your all wondering if Justin was there. Well of course he came to support his girlfriend. He was even sporting Selena’s tour shirt for this special night! Justin’s presence surprisingly did not steal the show. This was Selena’s night!

Justin leaving Selena's concert



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